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JCEA is both a professional association and an advocacy organization. Representing approximately 5,500 non-administrative professional educators working in the Jefferson County School District, JCEA is affiliated with the 40,000 member Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the 3.2 million member National Education Association (NEA).

Our mission is to empower educators to advocate for professional rights, responsibilities and practices to achieve educational excellence within a changing society.

Association News

Celebration of Jim Hodges’ Life
On August 11, 2016, we lost a wonderful man who touched many lives. James “Jim” R. Hodges moved to Colorado in 1969 because he had heard great things about Jefferson County Schools and wanted to be part of an innovative school system to benefit kids.

Bargaining WINS and More Work to Do
The bargaining team and NAAT have celebrations from last year, but also lots of work left to do.

Learning to Speak Your Mind
While it takes courage to speak up, especially if it's something you don’t usually do, it's a valuable skill to learn to manage your fears and act responsibly. Rather than being silent and then regretting not saying something, learning to express yourself can bring a real sense of accomplishment and involvement.