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Due to the very new and more fluid nature of Interest Based Bargaining this year, the dates and times have changed somewhat already. We are asking everyone to please be patient and stay engaged. The next three weeks will consist of small group work. These small groups will reconvene on April 13 at the Ed Center from 4pm to 8pm.
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JCEA is both a professional association and an advocacy organization. Representing approximately 5,500 non-administrative professional educators working in the Jefferson County School District, JCEA is affiliated with the 40,000 member Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the 3.2 million member National Education Association (NEA).

Our mission is to empower educators to advocate for professional rights, responsibilities and practices to achieve educational excellence within a changing society.

Association News

We Must "Withstain"
Williams created another new word for hash tag fodder at last night’s very brief BoE meeting. During a discussion with Amy Weber about compensation, Williams recognized the salary cuts and freezes teachers in the district have endured, but said it is important the budget be able to “withstain” any plan to address the losses for existing teachers while moving forward with a competitive compensation package for teachers new to the district.

Betrayals and Bio-Metric Data Harvesters
The Board Majority, yet again, managed to raise the bar when it comes to a lack of transparency, accountability, and respect at last night’s BoE meeting and raise the ire of JCEA leaders and staff who have entered the negotiations process with the intent of bargaining in good faith and working hard to develop a Negotiated Agreement for the twenty-first century.

Bargainers at Work!
Your bargaining team has been busy. We’ve looked at the bargaining survey data, and organized our articles into seven “classrooms” that describe how our contract benefits students and their families as well as educators.