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JCEA is both a professional association and an advocacy organization. Representing approximately 5,500 non-administrative professional educators working in the Jefferson County School District, JCEA is affiliated with the 40,000 member Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the 3.2 million member National Education Association (NEA).

Our mission is to empower educators to advocate for professional rights, responsibilities and practices to achieve educational excellence within a changing society.

Association News

BoE Weighs Mill and Bond
As educators in JeffCo who understand all too well the impact that a $77 million yearly shortfall in funding has on our students, we need to step up and be a significant part of this discussion and decision.

Connecting Students to the "Real World"
For many students, high school will never be the “real world”. They will continue to ask, rightly or not, when they are going to use many of the things they learn during their four years. As the real world changes however, it’s the teachers who evolve along with it that will leave the biggest footprint on the psyche and experiences of our children.

Board Report: The (Increasing) Cost of WNW
It will take some time to untangle the mess left behind by Witt, Newkirk, and Williams. Last night, the Clean Slate BoE took a couple of steps in the right direction.