About JCEA

Our mission is to empower educators to advocate for professional rights, responsibilities and practices to achieve educational excellence within a changing society.

Since 1968 we have worked with licensed professionals in Jefferson County Public Schools to improve teaching and learning conditions through collaboration, collective bargaining, and political advocacy.

Who We Are

JCEA is both a professional association and an advocacy organization representing approximately 5,200 non-administrative professional educators working in the Jefferson County School District.

What We Believe

JCEA is taking the lead to get real results for students through ensuring that every student is taught by a quality teacher, that teachers can provide a 21st Century Education so that students can compete in the global economy and that all stakeholders are accountable for quality public schools.

How to Belong

By becoming a member of JCEA you join together with nearly 5,000 teachers, librarians, counselors and other licensed employees of the Jefferson County School district that are taking ownership of our profession so that we can provide real results for students.


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