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Williams “standing firm on a poll” as Board Majority looks poised to spend $30k getting data that supports agenda
There were no fireworks at last night’s sparsely attended BoE study session. The Board Majority continued to push their agenda, even in the face of mounting evidence that what they are peddling is a solution in search of a problem.

Let Them Eat Cake – Board Majority’s Agenda on Display at Tea Party Sponsored Education Event
“The Lord would be pleased with the changes locally and nationally” is how the preacher ended his prayer at Monday evening’s Tea Party meeting about education. About one hundred people braved the snow and icy roads to attend the event at the Barn in Evergreen, prompting Ed Sullivan, President of the Evergreen Tea Party and emcee for the evening to declare that “[Y]ou're not too old, George Washington would have loved to have you in his army”. The average age in the room was about sixty-eight and one person traveled all the way from Grand Junction to soak in the wit and wisdom of the evening’s guest speakers.

Another Night at the Circus – This Time with Guns, Sprinklers, and Acts of Civil Disobedience
Yellow police tape was again used by the Board Majority to keep people off of the grass at last night’s moderately attended Board of Education meeting. There was also a new district security guard with a terse attitude and a gun tucked in the waistband behind his back. On the agenda were two charter school applications, a discussion about McMinimee’s goals, and some changes to district policies that govern committee structures which included the new curriculum review committee. While charter school expansion was expected to be the hot topic of the evening, it was the newly formed JeffCo Students for Change, an organization comprised of students from almost every high school, which made headlines from last night’s meeting.