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Bargaining Breakdown: Who is Holding Whom Hostage?
Negotiations hit a giant roadblock last night at a hastily scheduled special session focused on compensation. At the end of the evening, Amy Weber claimed that teachers are “holding the district hostage” which drew a large gasp from the more than one hundred teachers, parents, and concerned citizens who were in attendance. The message from the JCEA bargaining team was clear: The district needs to address compensation increases for all educators, otherwise we risk losing high quality and experienced teachers who have made sacrifices for half a decade to keep funding cuts out of the classrooms.

Court Report
Last Friday was JCEA’s day in court to request an injunction against the District’s imposition of a new pay system for new hires that in some cases, pays newly hired Jeffco teachers thousands of dollars more than teachers who have stayed in Jeffco through the recession, taking negotiated pay cuts to manage the $80+ million dollar shortfall.

Board Report: Witt Bullies JeffCo Student
After several months of relatively good behavior, Witt was his old self at last night’s BoE meeting. Throughout the meeting he was disrespectful and dismissive, but the meeting ended on a chilling note when Witt openly bullied a student who was still in attendance after midnight.