Great Education Colorado (formerly called Colorado Protectors of Public Schools), is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of public school supporters, which advocates for adequate funding for K-12 education in Colorado. The organization's main focus is on informing public school supporters about critical issues in school funding through its web-site, newsletters, and events. Great Education Colorado, launched in 2005, also works with its supporters to empower them to be vocal advocates for Colorado's public schools. Phone: (303) 722-5901. For more information visit

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VICTORY: Organized People BEAT Organized Money Every Time
We are educators because we are passionate about the students that are in our schools every day. When we come together with one voice, as the Jefferson County Education Association, we are powerful protectors of our students and our classrooms – and we can support each other as we work to improve our profession and our teaching practice. On Tuesday, two years of hard work of thousands of JCEA members, educators, parents, students, and community members paid off in a historic victory for our students, our profession, and public education.

Election 2015 Recommendations
AR Council voted to recommend the candidates put forward by the JCEA/JCCSEA candidate interview and recommendation committee for Election 2015.

Taming Stress
Stress is the way that we respond to change in our lives. It is the way our bodies react physically, emotionally, cognitively, or behaviorally to any change in the status quo. These changes do not have to be only negative things; positive change can also be stressful. Even imagined change can cause stress.