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Moot's the Word
Witt’s word of the night at last night’s BoE meeting was moot. He repeated it several times indicating that several conversations are being rendered obsolete thanks, in large part, to the so called Student Based Budgeting being rolled out in JeffCo over the coming years. The meeting was sparsely attended but with a strong contingent of Jeffco teachers, parents, and community members united against the Board majority.

Contract Provision Impositions: Bargaining and Legal Update
JCEA is fighting back against the Board Majority’s imposition of contract provisions on several levels.

Grievances Denied
After hearing over three-hundred individual grievances about last year’s evaluation ratings in light of the Board Majority’s new pay scheme (we, on average, file five grievances a year) and changing the overall ratings for over 60% of those who grieved their evaluation, Employee Relations seems to have shut the door on the process outlined in Article 7 of the JCEA contract.