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(Jobs with) Justice Delayed
The Board Room was filled to capacity and there was a line of people waiting in the hallway on the fifth floor of the Ed Center last night for the first time in months. It was clear from multiple public comments that the handful of Board Majority supporters have JCEA and contract negotiations as their target. It was also clear that the Board Majority had no interest in collecting the “Scrooge of the Year” award from Jobs with Justice or having a room full of parents, teachers, and students see the “Salsa Summit” photo projected on the big screen.

Suzanne McClung’s Public Comment
Suzanne McClung, science teacher at Lakewood High School, received the Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence at last night’s BoE meeting. This is a national recognition that was given to only nine science teachers this year. Ms. McClung delivered the following public comment shortly after receiving her award:

Salsa Summit - The Power of Relational Organizing
There was a flurry of activity on facebook last night. A PTA member was dining at Jose O’Shea’s in Lakewood and Ken Witt was at the table next to them talking about the JeffCo contract with a group of men. After this information was posted on social media, several people in the area converged on the restaurant to investigate. This demonstrates the power of relational organizing and going public and is proof that the campaign to Stand Up For All Students is working.