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Board Majority Back in Session
What a difference a summer makes. The events of the past few months have changed the tone of the Board Majority and Witt, Newkirk, and Williams are clearly campaigning to keep their seats on the Board of Education. There was a lot of posturing and grandstanding and Witt tried hard to control his temper. We know who the real WNW are, however, and we need to continue to get the message about the need for a pro-public education school board out to our community.

JeffCo School Board Accepts Short Term Contract
"We began this process focused on the quality of our classrooms. We listened to our community, the parents, and the teachers and we stepped forward and stood up for our students. A short term agreement means that students will be losing more high quality, experienced educators to other districts. It means the district will be spending tens of thousands of dollars repeating this process in just a few months. Those are dollars that are better spent in the classroom” said John Ford, Social Studies teacher, Jefferson County Education Association President, and parent of three JeffCo students.

Jeffco Teachers Vote to Ratify Short Term Agreement
Jefferson County, Colorado – Voting has closed for Jefferson County teachers submitting their vote for ratification of the ten-month agreement. Voting began last Friday following an all-member meeting at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, where over a thousand educators gathered to discuss the proposal. Voting ended at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. The agreement passed with a majority of the votes cast in favor of ratification.