Issues and Action

JCEA is taking the lead to get real results for students. In order to get real results for students we need quality teaching, the ability to provide a 21st Century education so students can compete and we need to make sure that all stakeholders are accountable for a quality public school system. We cannot achieve any of these goals without the engagement of our membership in the Association and collective action.


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 The work that is done on these committees demonstrate how our members own our profession to provide real results for students by working to ensure that every student is taught by a quality teacher, that teachers have the flexibility to provide a 21st Century Education and that all stakeholders are accountable for the results.

Board of Education

JCEA supports leaders who share our values.


This year, JCEA is focused on several initiatives to get us closer to achieving real results for students.

Legislative Info

Because JCEA knows that every educational program began as a political decision, we encourage member participation in the political process.

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Contract Info

JCEA and the Jeffco Board of Education began negotiating on their first Master Agreement in 1968. Since then a very comprehensive, yet flexible and innovative contract has evolved. Last year JCEA/JPS negotiated a new four-year contract effective September 1, 2011.