JCEA Committees

Our members participate in the Association in a variety of ways, including through participation on committees. The work that is done on these committees demonstrate how our members own our profession to provide real results for students by working to ensure that every student is taught by a quality teacher, that teachers have the flexibility to provide a 21st Century Education and that all stakeholders are accountable for the results.

Elections Committee establishes election timelines, supervises procedures, and counts votes in all secret ballot elections. Staff liaison: Lisa Elliott

Ethnic-Minority Organizing Action Team (EMOAT) demonstrates JCEA's commitment to valuing our diverse membership by promoting active ethnic-minority participation. Staff liaison: Lisa Elliott

Instructional Advocacy Committee (IAC) works on the areas of instructional improvement, curriculum development, new teacher induction, and governance of the profession including licensure, teacher training/staff development, and teacher in-services. Staff liaison: Scott Kwasny

Membership Committee is responsible for the Association's membership and organizing program including planning membership campaigns, developing activities and strategies for maintenance of membership, member engagement and leadership development. Staff liaison: Nate Golich

Organizing Committee is responsible for the Association's organizing program including planning organizing campaigns, developing activities and strategies for member engagement, and leadership development. Staff liaison: Scott Kwasny

Negotiations Committee is responsible for contract development and maintenance. They regularly survey the membership to determine priorities in bargaining, develop and research proposals/interests to take to the table, and develop negotiation strategies. Staff liaison: Lisa Elliott

Small Donor Committee (JCEA-SDC) is a bipartisan committee responsible for supervising the expenditures of funds for political and collective action. Funds are generated through the Every Member Option plan and are collected voluntarily from members. No dues money is used to support activities of JCEA-SDC. SDC funds are not used in federal elections. The committee interviews candidates and recommends candidates. These recommendations are based on the candidates' stands on various education-related issues. SDC is also responsible for the political education of the JCEA membership and for organizing the Association to deal with political issues. Dialogue with elected officials is maintained through the Legislative Liaison Program, a subcommittee of SDC. Staff liaison: Nate Golich

Salary Task Force: Six Association members and six District administrators will work with a facilitator
to discuss possible ways to compensate teachers in Jeffco. Staff liaison: Lisa Elliott