Ethnic Minority Advisory Committee (EMAC)

Our Role

The Ethnic Minority Advisory Committee is a JCEA Standing Committee. Our primary purpose is to raise the consciousness of the organization around issues involving the ethnic minorities and to promote ethnic minority participation in activities and leadership within the Association. Our secondary purpose is to help build a network of support for ethnic minority educators.


Our Goals

1. Advocate for ethnic minority teachers and develop recommendations that both acknowledge and address issues and concerns, where appropriate.

NEA EMAC Charge 3: Review testimonies from the EMAC hearings and develop recommendations addressing the issues raised, where appropriate.

2. Develop leaders at all levels of the Association by increasing and monitoring minority participation in activities and awareness of leadership training opportunities.

NEA EMAC Charge 2: Identify effective measures to ensure inclusion of ethnic minority members’ full participation and involvement with the Association, including the consideration of those measures regarding others who have faced discrimination.


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