Association Initiatives to Increase School Funding

Colorado Commits to Kids

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There is no doubt that we have a school funding crisis in Colorado. Our state is nearly $2,000 below the national average in per pupil spending and every year our state legislature approves additional unfunded mandates.

Our Association is committed to finding both short and long-term solutions to school funding in Colorado because we know that in order to ensure real results for students and have the ability to prepare students to compete in the global economy we need to properly resource our public school systems.

JCEA and CEA are part of a statewide coalition of business and education organizations committed to passing a $950 million school funding initiative this November.

As part of this effort, JCEA members spent countless hours over their summer break working to ensure that a $950 million dollar public school funding initiative makes it onto the ballot this November. 86,000 valid signatures are required, but on August 5 Colorado Commits to Kids delivered more than 160,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. We are currently waiting for the Secretary of State to verify the validity of the signatures and to decide whether we will see this issue placed on the ballot this fall.

CEA set a goal for our members in Jefferson County to collect 2500 signatures during the five week petition drive.  We are thrilled to report that we not only met our goal, but as in true JCEA fashion, we surpassed it.

We are proud of what our members accomplished this summer and are confident that if we use this momentum to carry us into the fall, there will be no end to what we can achieve for public education.

Make no mistake; the journey is far from over. Should this initiative be placed on the ballot, our next task will be to educate the public and to ensure that Colorado voters pass this funding measure for the benefit of our schools and students.

We ask that you sign up now and join us this fall as we walk to educate the public about this important initiative and to get pro-public school candidates elected to the three open Jeffco Board of Education seats.