Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN)

JCEA is a participating member of Southwest TURN, a regional affiliate of the national Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN). Many JCEA members have participated in TURN meetings throughout the past few years. TURN is a network of NEA and AFT locals. Leaders of the TURN locals assemble three times per year to discuss and explore issues related to education reform and the role of teacher unions in advancing the cause of public education. 

TURN Mission Statement: Teacher unions must provide leadership for the collective voice of their members. Teacher unions have a responsibility to students, their families, and to the broader society. Teacher unions are committed to public education as a vital element of our democracy. What unites these responsibilities is our commitment to help all children learn. We affirm the union's responsibility to collaborate with other stakeholders in public education and to seek consistently higher levels of student achievement by:

  • Improving continuously the quality of teaching.
  • Promoting in public education and in the union democratic dynamics, fairness, and due process for all.
  • Seeking to expand the scope of collective bargaining to include instructional and professional issues.
  • Improving on an ongoing basis the terms and conditions under which both adults and children work and learn.

If you would like more information about national TURN and SW TURN visit www.turnexchange.net

Learn more about JCEA's recent participation nationally and locally.