JCEA President

John Ford

Social Studies Teacher

John Ford is a Social Studies teacher and the President of the Jefferson County Education Association in Colorado. He received a B.A. degree in Education from Western State College, in 1991 and his M.A. from the University of Phoenix in 2005. He has been an educator and association member for 24 years and has previously served as a CEA Board director, member of CEA Legal Defense Fund, JCEA Secretary and Vice President of the Buena Vista Education Association.

In the 2015 election, John Ford was part of an incredible team that included national, state and local associations working together with parents, community groups, and other labor unions to successfully beat back the Koch brothers and other outside money and interests in their local school board election. John Ford continues to build strong partnerships throughout Jefferson County and Colorado to actualize a powerful, student-centered vision of the “Schools Our Students Deserve.”

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Letter from JCEA President

Hello JCEA Members,

Over the past couple of months some interesting national political developments have ascended that will challenge our profession, working families, and our democracy.

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Stand Up
For All Students

Building Career Pathways for Students in Jefferson County

In late 2015, the President of the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), John Ford, saw the deep need of preparing students for multiple career pathways. State policies had been changed to focus more on career readiness and secondary pathways for students in school. John recognized that careers in construction were a great career pathway for students, but many students in Jefferson County did not have access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) outside of Warren Tech’s facilities.

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The Difference Between a Wound and a Scar

Wounds are things that can kill us. If a wound is not properly attended too, it can fester and infect the whole body and sometimes that infection even causes death.

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