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Charlotte Green is our JCEA-R's nominee for the 2014 CEA Award. We nominated Charlotte because she has given over 45 years to the Association, serving in a variety of leadership roles. She is currently coming to the end of her term as one of the two retired representatives to the CEA Board of Directors.We are grateful for the time and energy she has given this responsibility. She has kept us up-to-date with what is happening at the state level and taken our concerns to the board. We are thankful to have had such a tremendous advocate.

In addition to serving on the Board of Director's, Char played an integral part in establishing the CEA-R Representative Council and helps produce the CEA Communicator. We wouldn't have our award winning newsletter, THE JCEA-R CONNECTION without Char.

Thank you, Char, for all that you have done for the Association both as an active and a retired member. You have given outstanding service to public education at the state level and the local level all of your career. We think you are deserving of CEA's highest award!

 Read what she had to say for herself.


Charlotte Green

Association Highlights

My Active CEA experience started in college as President of the Student Association.  I bought my lifetime NEA membership when I started teaching.  At JCEA, I was a building rep, served on numerous committees, and the Board of Directors.  At CEA, I served on the Resolutions Committee, Rules Committee, several trainings and attended over 40 Delegate Assemblies.  At NEA, I served on the NEA Resolutions Committee and attended 18 NEA-RA's.  During all these years I had tremendous mentors to follow.

As a retiree, I am a lifetime member of JCEA-R and NCREA, CEA-R and NEA-R.  I've helped form several retired locals, served on the Task Force to create the CEA-Retired Representative Council, am currently one of the Retired Directors on the CEA Board, and currently on the NEA Resolutions Committee.  I have published newsletters for JCEA-R for 14 years and won the NEA-R Newsletter Excellence award in 2009 and 2013.  NEA-R also featured me in the NEA-R This Active Life publication for my current involvement as a standardized patient for health care professionals at the University of Colorado School of Medicine CAPE Program.


Teaching Career Highlights    


Seems I was always involved with opening schools in Jefferson County during my 30 year career.  First, I opened Ken Caryl Junior High in 1969 in temporary buildings/trailers on the grounds of Bear Creek High school.  Second, I opened Chatfield Senior High School in 1985.  Finally, I opened Dakota Ridge High School in 1996.   Through the years I always taught math (Algebra/Geometry/Algebra II) along with 'Exploring Careers in the Community for Gifted & Talented' at KCJH and 'Personal Finance for Teenagers' at both high schools.  I also spent many hours helping develop the STAMM math program. Along with teaching, I also sponsored clubs (ski club, pep club, cheerleaders, and national honor society), and worked sporting and theater events, and played the electric piano in the Ken Caryl stage band.


Community Involvement

In the community, I have been an election judge for 15 years and volunteer at Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley. I have worked many political campaigns over the years. Most recently, I supported the Amendment 66 campaign in my community.

Other Interests

My family has always meant a lot to me. The love of education was instilled in me at a very young age.  I started in a one-room school in Kansas with one teacher for grades 1-8.  My Dad taught one year of college and later served on the local School Board and handed me my high school diploma. There are three teachers in my family and two siblings who have also served on local School Boards. 


Outside of school, I have worked in restaurants and needlework shops, sold timeshares and was an MP in the Colorado Army National Guard. I love the theater, travel and spending time with my siblings, 16 nieces/nephews, and 2 grandnephews. I also have a love/hate relationship with technology.

February is Black History Month

March is Women's history Month

This Active LIfe


Are you interested in tutoring? JCEA-R is once again keeping a list of members who are interested in tutoring students. Contact Lorraine Bowen at bassbros@msn.com with your name, grade levels willing to work with and subjects, and contact numbers.


Web Sites for Retired Educators

1. www.educatorstravel.com  Provided B&B's specializing in educators and retired educators

2. HomeExchange.com  Swapping your home with someone who wants to visit your city at the same time you want to visit theirs.  Charges $99.99 per year to list your home.  Has online listings with photos and detailed descriptions of the homes and owners.

3. Digsville.com   Swap your home for a $44.95 fee has online listings with photos and detailed descriptions of the homes and owners.  Same swapping guidelines as the web site above.

4. CruisesOnly.com and VacationsToGo.com and Cruises.com  buy blocks of cabins and provided free cabin upgrades, onboard ship credits,waiving of gratuities and more for extra perks no offered when going directly to the cruise lines.

5.  CruisingExcursions.com  and Viator.com offer shore excursions at greatly reduced prices so you can book these to avoid the cruise lines high prices on shore excursions.

6. IVHE.com  International vacation home exchange.

7. ExclusiveExchanges.com  Another home exchange organization

 8. TradeToTravel.com  Still another home trade organization.

9.  QIXO.com and Kayak.com and travelzoo.com are discount travel sites that might save a lot of money.

Travel Tips

1. For cruises, travel on the fringes of the regular season for huge discounts such as Alaska or the Mediterranean in May or September.  Travel the Caribbean during the hurricane season when the chances are actually quite low and the large ships can easily travel out of the way of the large storms.

2. Rent-A-Wreck for car rentals.  Technically, the cars are not wrecks but cars with 40,000 to 80,000 miles.  Savings are as much as 75%.  The minuses are no one-way rentals and are not as good on weekends.  There are 157 locations nationally with booking at rentawreck.com.

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4. When traveling abroad, always have copies of your passport, healthcare cards, driver's license, travel documents, blood type and health issues with you in a separate location from luggage.  Leave a copy at home with a friend or relative.  Write down the local country's 911 system.

5. MASA is a 24 hour international emergency dispatch at 1-800-643-9023 that for a small monthly fee of $32 per couple, will provided world wide emergency transportation from the country or state you are in back to your home town.  We used it in JoAnn's accident emergency in California and it paid for all ambulances, air transport and medical assistance to our home with no extra cost.

6. When traveling more than 100 miles from home, American Express provided Travel Medical Protection for $18 a month for a couple to cover all medical expenses not covered by your primary medical and dental carriers.  It saved us thousands JoAnn's medical emergency and paid for all expenses not covered by MASA (see above) and our primary carrier (Kaiser) without question.  Phone 1-800-297-2900 to enroll.