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Board Report: Bargaining Begins

Feb 19, 2016
The main event at the Board of Education study session last night was presentations about negotiations from both the JCEA bargaining team and the District bargaining team. 

Your JCEA team emphasized the need to have a competitive salary system to attract and retain quality educators. The District team agreed that is a need and that Jeffco is not currently competitive in metro Denver. The tricky part will be to determine how to structure a new pay system and where we will find the money to give salary increases. Just moving back to a grid system will cost money as there are currently over 900 different pay levels. If we were to return to a grid, salaries would have to be adjusted (upwards) to fit into a smaller number of salary levels. 

The JCEA team also outlined some desired improvements to the collaborative relationship between JCEA and the District such as having a JCEA role in the first induction day for new teachers. 

Amy Weber, Chief Human Resources Officer, asked the board to weigh in on their attitudes towards using evaluation data to determine salary, how to encourage teachers to work in high needs schools, and how to attract more applicants for “hard to fill” positions like Special Education. 

There was discussion about whether a masters’ degree actually improves teaching and student achievement, and how much experience affects a teacher’s ability to move student achievement. 

The JCEA team wants a salary system that rewards a year of “effective or highly effective” teaching, as well as credit for masters’ degrees and other professional development. Our members want a system that is more predictable, and for competitive salaries, a system that can be compared to other districts.  

To see the JCEA presentation, CLICK HERE

For the District team’s presentation, CLICK HERE.