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Community Outreach Action Team

Nov 04, 2016
The Grub Club food drive is coming back in January! We will again partner with the JeffCo Action Center to provide meals and hygiene items for our high school students who are homeless or emancipated. Last year we saw huge growth in what we were able to give, and we’re hoping that this year will be even bigger. At our December AR council meeting, articulation areas will receive their assigned item to collect. Collection will go from January 9-27, and then we’ll take it all over to the Action Center on Saturday, January 28. We always need lots of hands on that day to sort, count, and label the thousands of items we collect. So if any student groups in your school need community service hours, or just feel like helping a great cause, please drop me a line:

Another of JCEA’s community partners is the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). The IAF is an organization that connects civic groups, labor unions, and faith communities to organize for the good of the greater community. The IAF model of organizing is based on relationships - we know that issues come and go, but an organization built on relationships will meet the challenge of any issue.

The Denver chapter of IAF is really in its infancy. JCEA, along with CEA and several other locals, want to be part of this for many reasons. Perhaps the most important reason to us here in Jeffco is that the IAF model of organizing is what won us such a stunning and historic victory in our recall election; we teamed up with other institutions, we built relationships inside and outside our own institution, and through all those conversations, we really learned the power of our story and how to tell it. Our brothers and sisters in Brighton and Eagle County followed the same model, and saw victory, as well.

We want to be part of IAF not only because we will see victories here in our school district, but because IAF includes institutions from outside our little bubble we will be able to effect real change in our communities that will impact our students’ lives.  By affiliating with dozens of other institutions, we will not be fighting our battles alone. Likewise, we’ll get to be boots on the ground in other battles that improve our community.

December 8 is a huge day in the life of our young IAF chapter. After a year of building relationships with individuals and institutions, participating in and sponsoring trainings about our influence in public life, and studying other IAF chapters, we are having a “Broadening the Base” celebration. We’ll be adding the names of about a dozen institutions to our rolls, and celebrating being one step closer to officially going public and being a force for change in the Metro area. As one of the founding institutions, JCEA will be bringing a large delegation of members to this exciting evening. If you’re at all interested in what IAF is all about, this will be a great night to check it out. Again, please get in touch if you’ve got questions:

December 8, 2016, 7-9 pm
Cleaves Memorial CME Church
2222 N. Marion St.
Denver, CO  80205