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You take care of our children. Let us take care of you.

Mar 13, 2017

Mountain State Financial Group (MSFG) is a Jefferson County-based mortgage lending firm providing all types of residential mortgage solutions to clients throughout Colorado.

We honed our expertise in the world of corporate banking and finance and bring those considerable resources to you but with a level of hands-on personal service not found at big nameless banks.

As no two students are alike, no two mortgages are the same. We work directly with you to create the absolute best solution to meet your needs. All done professionally with no last minute delays, hassles or surprises.

We personally handle the loan process from start to finish, assuming responsibility for everything from strategy and counsel to the timely preparation of the prerequisite documents for closing. Our group works exclusively with financial companies we’ve vetted ourselves. We come to the closing table prepared, and our clients leave with the loan that best accommodates their overall financial strategy.

Just like the satisfaction you get by making a difference in the lives of children you serve, our satisfaction comes from knowing we’ve made a difference for those of you who have entrusted us to structure the financing for your home.

Not only do our children attend Jeffco schools, but our office manager Mike Wilson was a teacher and a counselor here for more than 30 years. We will take care of you like family.

Please call MSFG at 303-550-7730 or CLICK HERE to see how we can serve you.