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Senate Bill 61 - More Action Needed

Apr 04, 2017

Thank you all for attending town halls and contacting your legislators to tell them to VOTE NO on SB61.

Right now, legislators are reporting to us that they are hearing more from supporters of SB 61 than they are from opponents, meaning that the groups that support giving more money WITHOUT any more accountability to charters are out-organizing us!

BRIEF RECAP of SB 61:  forces all school districts, whether they have a charter now or in the future, to give locally-raised taxpayer monies to unregulated, unaccountable charter schools that operate in the dark.

In short SB 61:

     Is a one-size-fits-all STATE mandate that ignores local control
     Forces locally-approved mill levy tax dollars to less accountable and transparent charter schools
     Furthers the Trump/DeVos education agenda of more public money to the for-profit charter  industry
     Provides $ without requiring ACCOUNTABILITY
     Even the Denver Post says “charters need more scrutiny” [2/21/17 editorial]

CONTINUE to contact our STATE Representatives and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 61!

HOW TO REACH YOUR Representative:
CALL 720-408-6669! Listen to the brief message for talking points and then follow the prompt, enter your zip code and you will be connected to your STATE REPRESENTATIVE’S office!!

FEELING FEISTY?!-You can also tell mention that your legislator needs to support the version of the School Finance Act and State Budget Bill that provide additional funding to ALL school districts!!

CLICK HERE for more details!