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Tentative Agreement Reached!

Apr 04, 2017

2016-17 JCEA Bargaining Team

Top Row: Anthea Samuels (Ryan ES), Christy Yacano (Sierra ES), Rob Cassidy (Standley Lake HS), Tony Tochtrop (Mulholm ES), Lisa Elliott (JCEA Staff), Arik Heim (Wheat Ridge HS, Bargaining Chair)

Bottom Row: Jon Cefkin (Lukas ES), Stephanie Rossi (Wheat Ridge HS, JCEA Vice President), Jayson Haberkorn (Bell MS), John Ford (JCEA President)

On Monday, April 3rd, the bargaining team signed off on a tentative agreement. We will be sending out the entire document before ratification voting begins.


The TA agrees to step and level movement, plus a COLA of 2% IF the District receives at least $10.8 million in new state funding. If the increase is less, the COLA could be lower-1.5% or 1% depending on funding. However, 1% is guaranteed.

The District will offer up to six years of service credit for new teachers with previous experience. That will go up to seven years next year, and then eight years in 2019-2020. The incremental increase is to prevent leapfrogging of existing educators.

Hard to fill positions will continue to be offered up to eight years of experience until the 19-20 school year, and then that will be discontinued.


Leaves language around short term disability is changing. The new short term disability benefits will have a seven calendar day waiting period instead of the current 14. The length of the disability benefits will be 90 days instead of 180. Only ten employees utilized STD for more than 90 days last year.


We added language to provide additional support for schools with inadequate collaboration.

Workload Relief-

We also added the ability of schools to schedule late starts and early dismissals to enable more team planning time for educators, and to free up individual planning time. CONVERSATIONS ABOUT LATE STARTS AND EARLY RELEASE SHOULD BEGIN BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. The parent community needs to be involved in these discussions. JCEA will be gathering different models of current practices in these areas.

The Bargaining Team thanks our members for their support. We will be scheduling the ratification vote after consulting with Council next week.