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Negotiated Agreement Ratified

May 05, 2017
Tentative Agreement Summary


  • Steps, levels, and COLA of 1% to 2% depending on funding. Examples of scenarios:
    • State provides at least $10.8 million = 2% COLA
    • State provides $7 million; district will provide $3.8 million = 2% COLA
    • State provides $2.7 million; district will provide $5.4 million = 1.5% COLA
    • State provides $0; district will provide $5.4 million = 1% COLA
  • New employees will be credited with up to 6 years of service (steps) in 17-18, 7 years in 18-19, and 8 years in 19-20. This will minimize "leap-frogging".
  • Hard to fill new employees will be credited with up to 8 years of service until 19-20 when the practice will end.
  • Graduate level classes no longer have to be earned after a BA to be eligible for level movement.
  • The deadline for submitting paperwork for level movement is now September 1 each year.


  • Short term disability insurance will last up to 90 days, down from the current 180 days.
  • The waiting period for short term disability will be 7 calendar days, down from the current 14.

Time Management

  • Language change in 5-3: The scheduling committee can schedule late starts and early dismissals. (We agreed this should be done WITH the parent community).
  • Language change in 5-3-6: The scheduling committee should allocate 80% (of the 270 minutes per week) for individual planning. 20% for collaborative planning and meeting times (includes staff meetings).


  • The District JCEA Collaboration Committee (DJCC) will add "school closing processes" to its list of topics that can be addressed.
  • The District and JCEA will provide training and support for building administration and ARs to establish and maintain collaborative systems.
  • The DJCC will support schools with "faltering" collaboration structures upon the request of administration OR staff.

CLICK HERE to read the actual contract language that has changed.