Educator Effectiveness 

In 2010 SB 191 passed in the State Legislature changing the way that educators are evaluated as well as implementing a "mutual consent" process for teachers who are transferring between buildings within a district. This page is meant to provide helpful resources to educators in Jeffco as this new law is implemented.

JCEA Educator Effectiveness Academy (EEA)- led by teachers for teachers, this program brings you the professional learning resources that will help maximize your success as an education professional in Jeffco. instruction to your students.

JCEA Resources on Performance Evaluation - this page provides resources and information regarding Article 16 of the JCEA contract and suggestions to help you advocate for yourself during the evaluation process. This page is on our members' only site.

Jeffco Performance Evaluation Website - on this site you will find information about the Jeffco performance evaluation process including rubrics, look fors and performance observation documentation.

Jeffco Educator Effectiveness website - this site has many helpful resources including Jeffco's Educator Effectiveness handbook, calculator and several webinars about the news evaluation process.

Information on Individual Goals

Jeffco Interactive Calculator

Colorado Education Association (CEA) Educator Effectiveness website - this page provides many helpful links on the law including information on the State Council on Educator Effectiveness, mutual consent and much more.

Colorado Department of Education Educator Effectiveness Website