Grants and Awards

JCEA, CEA and NEA honor members and community leaders each year with a variety of awards that focus on contributions to public education and the teaching profession. The Association also provides grants to attend professional development conferences and college scholarships for youth through our Professional Growth and Excellence Funds.

JCEA Awards

Each year JCEA recognizes individuals for their contributions to the Association and to the profession. Below is information about the awards and links to the nomination forms.

Jeffey Award

Honors members for their contributions to the education profession through partici­pation in both the Association and their teacher positions. Nominees must be active JCEA participants in a manner which contributes to the positive image of teachers and which reflects sustained effective service to the Association over at least a five (5) year period. They must also have displayed active lead­ership through an elected or appointed office in the Association. Nomination Form.

JCEA Award ("Super Jeffey")

 Honors members for their sustained involvement and participation in JCEA over a period of not less than fifteen (15) years. Nominees must be a previous Jeffey Award winner and must show evidence of continued teacher advocacy and dedication to the teaching profession. Nomination Form.

The Lion Award

Honors members who are actively engaged in the Association through contract maintenance or bargaining, consistently advocate for human and civil rights and who demonstrate concern for the advancement of the teaching profession. Nomination Form.

The Diamond Award

Recognizes an Association member for outstanding service to educa­tion through collective bargaining. Nomination Form.

JCEA Friend of Education Award

Honors an individual who has contributed to and/or supports public education in Jefferson County and/or in Colorado. Nomination Form.

CEA and NEA Grants and Awards

Visit CEA's Grants and Awards page to learn about the awards and opportunities available to members.