1/21/22 – January 2022 Vital Link

Materials from January Council

Staff apologies for the Vital Link being sent out late, but here we go!

Council documents:



**NEW ITEM** Stand-up handout (these are quick actions and important info for ARs… this document contains ALL links made available for ARs) MUST READ!!!

Slides for your 10 minute building meeting (thank you Lauren Kott!) 

BIG ROCKS from council…

TLCC Survey on culture & climate

Folks, this is the only culture & climate survey that is conducted independent from any school district, publicly publishes it’s results, and is completely anonymous and safe to take. HOWEVER, the ONLY way for a school district and then each subsequent school to have their results published is to exceed 50% participation threshold set by the state.

It is crucial that EVERY one of our schools exceed that threshold so that we can have accurate data on building climate and culture, identify problems as well as successes, and use it to drive solutions!

Many of you are familiar with this survey and know what to do, others need a little help and we have it!

  1. Codes to take the survey have been sent to identified ARs. We do our best to keep our records up to date, but in the event there’s been a mistake, look at this spreadsheet to see who in your building was sent the codes: TLCC survey codes list
  2. If the codes went to the wrong person but they work in your building (EVEN IF it’s your principal), go chat and make a plan to distribute codes and take the survey
  3. If it appears that your school’s codes we sent to an imaginary person or not at all, see the CEA TLCC Toolkit below!

CEA TLCC Toolkit – Access to the TLCC toolkit for AR support is found in the “members only” section on the CEA website. ARs will need their login using their credentials or they can register here.

  • CEA Staff and Leader FAQ
  • Sample 10 Minute Meeting
  • Sample Joint Letter for Local Associations/Districts
  • AR Sample Social Media

Cash drawings for Local Associations – Should your local district achieve its 50% threshold, your local association will be entered into a drawing for a cash prize. Weekly drawings will be held starting in February. More information to come.

The TLCC staff contact at CEA is Joshua Quick, Director of Professional Practice and State Education Policy and CEA President Amie Baca-Oehlert is the Governance contact (abaca@coloradoea.org). You can contact Joshua at TLCC@coloradoea.org for additional information assistance. He is very passionate about this project and want to help ensure your building participates! Don’t be afraid to reach out!

TLCC Help Desk

Online support form: https://app.cedu.io/support

Support email: support@cedu.io or contact@cedu.io

Toll-free number: 866-329-1530 (Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm)