1/22/21 – Friday round up and return to in-person learning

JCEA All member meeting Tuesday @ 4:30pm

Join us Tuesday for updates and discussion on the following topics:

– Update on Bargaining
– Parent & Community engagement plans
– Grub Club 2021

When: Jan 26, 2021 04:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
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Collaborative Monitoring Committee update

The CMC (Collaborative Monitoring Committee) is a committee which was bargained for by JCEA and JESPA in special MOU’s to address working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. View our entire Fall 2020 MOU HERE.

The CMC has been meeting regularly every other week since late September. The CMC is a committee agreed to by JCEA and district management in the MOU to monitor COVID in the district as well as the county and make recommendations to the district on its next steps. The committee is comprised of JCEA members Brooke Williams, Candice Steinke, Mike Pincus, and Dale Munholland, JESPA representatives, JCAA representatives, students, community members and parents many of whom are doctors and nurses, building administrators, and district management representatives.

JCEA’s member representatives have been increasingly concerned and frustrated with the CMC because of its inaction and often being an audience for district presentations rather than a space for robust data review, debate and concrete recommendations for our collective path forward.

Furthermore, there was concern that the agendas, which were created collaboratively with union involvement would be altered or outright would be altered or outright deleted by district management before CMC meetings.

Grievance filed about CMC

Over the break JCEA filed a grievance over the current conditions and direction of the CMC. As we uphold our contract, we must also uphold our MOU. Both of these documents are legally binding and were agreed to and approved by both our membership and district leadership – promises made should be promises kept.

As a result of that grievance, the last CMC meeting on January 14th was much more productive and less contentious than past meetings.

January 14th CMC recap:

The CMC came to a consensus and agreed to recommend a proposal for rapid COVID-19 testing program:

Colorado is one of three states offered this rapid at home testing kit. The kits would provide results in 15 minutes. These tests would be available from schools through the end of May.

At the end of the meeting Kristopher Schuh was asked directly (by Candice Steinke) about the possibility of secondary returning to hybrid on January 25th instead of February 1st. His response was that it was something that was being looked at, but no decisions had been made and there would be more discussion about that possibility the next day (Friday January 15th). The decision was announced at noon on January 15th.

It is our hope that the CMC will continue to evolve and function better in the future as a result of the grievance that JCEA filed.

2022 – 2025 Jeffco Calendar

Your JCEA representatives on the Jeffco calendar committee would like your input. Please take this BRIEF survey about the calendar for the next three years.



Bargaining 2021 – 1st session February 10th!

Save the date for our first bargaining session on February 10th. This session will be mostly norm setting and ground rules. Your entire contract is open this year, which means more ground to cover and more changes to work towards. Bargaining will have a new “look” this year and new facilitators.

Joining our first session is a great way to get a feel for the process! Keep an eye out for more details as we get closer to February 10th!

Jeffco Talented Teachers

Congratulations to Summit Ridge’s amazing educators!

Tim Allen, Science

Tonia Tamburini, Science

Amanda Ryd, Social Studies

Jonathan Prato, Math

James Scott, Language and literature

Molly Risendal, Language arts

Suzette Medrando, Math

Jacqueline Nervick, SPED

Jessica Schaefer, Math interventions

Ashley Prada, Math

Julie Meyer, Instructional coach

Grub Club 2021 – It’s here!

This year is especially critical. Many of our students will be relying on these donations as their main source of food support. Last year JCEA members collected double the number of items from 2019 bringing in 45,947 items!

Your Grub Club resources found here: http://bit.ly/2021GrubClubResources