1/26/22 – January 2022 Vital Link

Special announcement regarding the proposed resolution from

the January AR Council meeting 

Hello JCEA ARs,

First, I want to acknowledge that there are divided opinions and feelings on the topic of the proposed Palestine Resolution brought forward last Council, and that some ARs have expressed concern over the divisive nature of the resolution.

Additionally, looking back through the January Council minutes, we now realize that the process currently engaged around voting on the proposed resolution does not adhere to either our governing documents nor Robert’s Rules of Order. Therefore, I must suspend the current process and vote.

Additionally, the makers of this resolution have decided to rescind and are currently focused on creating spaces for discussion and reconnecting.

We will make room on the February Council agenda to inform the Council of the process that should be followed for resolutions and similar actions, and we will soon begin the work of adjusting our governing documents to be in line with NEA/CEA guidelines regarding matters such as this.

To help us avoid future errors, JCEA and CEA staff are gathering resources for conducting parliamentary procedure for all leaders and ARs. In the meantime, here are a few “cheat sheets” on Robert’s Rules of Order:

Parliamentary Procedures Simplified

Parliamentary Procedure

Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheet

As always, I welcome your ideas. Please call or text me if you want to talk about this more or have ideas.