10/14/20 – Vital link: October AR Council

AR council Recap

The entire list of CEA pro-public education candidates and issues are included at the very bottom of this email. For your personal voter guide, head to this website, enter your address and see our recommendations for your home town!  https://www.cea.yourvoter.guide

Highlights from council:

– Election 2020 update: It’s all hands on deck! We have 20 days to do everything we can to ensure this year’s election has huge turn out and that we win on public education issues. Every vote counts. Every lit drop, every phone call, every text message to a colleague or friend makes a difference.

– Workload: We have heard loud and clear that the workload is overwhelming for many of you. We have been working both at the building and district level to address this, and we continue to encourage you to reach out and work through your union to problem solve. We recognize that some issues are far above your building level admin – we will work with you to make a plan that directs those concerns to the places that can impact change.

– MOU violation: As many of you have raised, the district violated their agreements by unilaterally changing the quarantine procedures without involving the COVID-19 monitoring committee.

Join your colleagues in holding them accountable- https://bit.ly/Honor_Our_MOU

– Bargaining 2021: Next year our entire contract is open for bargaining. For the first time since the bad board you and your colleagues have the opportunity to really dig deeply into the contract in addition to continuing to fight for fair compensation. Because the entire contract is open our process will look somewhat different this year. Your JCEA bargaining team is recruiting  teams of “Article Bargainers” for smaller groups to take on specific issues. There is incredible power in the language and no one knows better than you what needs to be added, adjusted or changed. Please keep an eye on your communications for how to get involved in Article Bargaining.

View the council minutes here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XXGnkxQ63IGmtpgBLriRATXWtLY1ohXL8u5hr2V1sz0/edit?usp=sharing

View the council slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hTwaFw9UNLMe8kXW0tbI8pnhDuo0kF5SZEWCXyht5Jg/edit?usp=sharing

Elementary non-contact days

The District announced that new non-contact days will be added to the calendar for elementary schools. December 21, 22; January 29, February 26 and March 26 will be designated as non-student contact days. They have announced this as allowing teachers to have more quality planning time for instruction, collaborative work in professional learning communities (PLCs), and professional development.

Most of the time for these days should be for teacher-directed planning time. Be sure to engage your collaboration committee in setting parameters for these days. Look at Article 5-3-4 for contract language.

Excessive workload preK-12 is still a huge problem for educators. While JCEA leadership has had conversations with the Interim Superintendent, we need to hear from members about what expectations need to be removed, and how more time can be created for planning.

Last night we spent some time in council in break outs talking about workload. If you weren’t able to join us, take a few minutes to let us know what’s happening in your building: https://bit.ly/JCEAoctcouncil

The JCEA OAT team is launching some member to member phone calls to gather more detailed data on workload issues (and remind people to vote!) If you want to help outreach other members please contact Chesca – Csmotherman@coloradoea.org

Upcoming JCEA trainings & Events

Union School: The Book of Collaboration – ALL members welcome! The health and wellness of collaboration in our schools can make or break climate and culture. Join us for best practices on how to build a stronger collaboration and how to address collaboration through our contract when it isn’t working.

Thursday October 22nd @ 4:30 pm via zoom RSVP: bit.ly/JCEA_Collaboration_101

Communications: Best practices, tools and tips – ALL members welcome!
Join us for a tour through communications – we are happy to share our best with you!

Wednesday October 28th @ 4:30 pm via zoom RSVP: http://bit.ly/Comms_10_28


CEA Fall Forum – Monday October 26th 6:00 pm RSVP here: coloea.org/forum

Election 2020 – Ballots are arriving!

Tired of being called/texted/emailed about voting – the fix is simple – VOTE.

Voting early actually helps volunteers and election workers – and they will take you off the list for outreach as soon as the secretary of state marks your ballot as received (no one gets any information about how you voted, ONLY that your ballot has been turned in).

Join us to Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

In addition to JCEA sponsored weekend walks, phone banking and texting from home, JCEA member Ang Anderson is coordinating two events with local representatives to help get out the vote. At times it seems that those serving at the State Capitol are far away this is a great opportunity to personally spend some time with Jeffco candidates who support public education. Email Ang directly for the zoom link to join. ang0013@gmail.com

Representative Lisa Cutter: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday 10/19

Representative Brianna Titone: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Thursday 10/22

For a list of all the ways to get involved in GOTV scan this QR code – any time you have to volunteer