10/15/21- Voting is Open!


Voting for the next JCEA Treasurer is open!

All JCEA members in good standing should have received a ballot, biography, candidate flyer and a brief candidate video about Andrew Gitner to your school email.

If you did not receive a ballot please email Callie Orgeron at corgeron@coloradoea.org.

Voting will be open through October 20th at 5:00 pm 

17 days until Election Day 

We are in the homestretch… nearly 150 JCEA members have already volunteered a few hours of their time and it has not gone unnoticed!

If you know Kathe Doherty at Normandy ES, congratulate her for being among the top three members who’ve knocked the most number of doors so far, and join her on her next walk!

Your career cannot afford for you to sit this election out.

The future of Jeffco schools cannot afford for you to sit this election out. 

Give 1-2 hours now, so you don’t give up your contract later.

Stand up for your profession now, so you’re not standing on a picket line

or fighting to keep your collective bargaining agreement later. 

One hour. Anything helps.

Weekend walks

We have two more scheduled Saturday canvases, October 16th and October 23rd.

Come to any one of our 3 locations between 10-11AM to pick up lit and turf. You can canvas your turf when it’s convenient for you. BRING A FRIEND!!

Sunset Park (12th Ave. & Miller St, Lakewood)

Nottingham Park (W. 87th Dr. & Allison St, Arvada)

Chaucer Park (near Ute Meadows ES, Littleton)

Canvas from JCEA October 19th

Next week Tuesday, October 19th JCEA members are invited to swing by the JCEA office between 3:30-5PM to pick-up some Wheat Ridge area turf. Come on down, bring a friend or find a buddy and grab some WR turf/lit to canvass that afternoon or any time before October 24th!!

Jeffco is big and geographically diverse which means there are many communities that aren’t easily canvassed, specifically our Conifer and Evergreen communities.

Phone banking

Phone banking is a great way to reach mountain area voters in Jeffco and we need volunteers to make those calls. This phone bank can be done anywhere that you have reception and an Internet connection.

You can do it anytime and hop on and off as many times as you want to.

Click here for details and instructions on how to use the phone bank.

Sign up to volunteer for Election activities here!

Sub shortage and coverage compensation


We have heard loud and clear that the sub shortage is getting worse and worse and nearly everyone is being asked to cover for unfilled sub jobs.

We also heard that in some buildings people are not being paid for this work.

This is a VERY clear violation of our collective bargaining agreement.

If this is happening in your building please email us ASAP – Lelliott@coloradoea.org

John Hopkins survey on K-6 literacy

The Johns Hopkins University teacher survey to understand the current use of K-6 literacy resources is still open for teachers to provide input. Results will inform Jeffco’s future decisions about common K-6 ELA materials and resources. Your responses are anonymous and with enough responses, school-specific results will be provided.

Please use this link to complete the survey. Follow this link to the survey

How should ESSER funding be spent?

ESSER funding survey – Talk to your building ARs!

Your JCEA ARs have gotten a brief survey about educator’s priorities for how ESSER funding should be spent. There are millions of dollars and many, MANY needs.

Please reach out to your AR and talk to them about how you hope these dollars will be spent and encourage your colleagues to make their voices heard also!

60 second ways to support Varda, Reed and Parker

 1. Vote! 

IN EARLY! Help us reach voters who don’t yet know who to support!

The sooner you get your ballots turned in, the faster you come off of the outreach lists for phone banking, door knocking and mailings.


Getting your ballot in early means volunteers will use their time to outreach voters who may have no idea about the election coming up, who the pro-public education candidates are and why it’s so incredibly important to vote this year as it will determine the majority of our school board.

2. Change your social media profile photos until election day!
Download and use either of the graphics below!

3. Text/email/call/outreach every Jeffco voter you know and ask them to support educators, students and public education in Jeffco by voting for Danielle Varda, Paula Reed and Mary Parker.

– Share the graphics above with your family or friend text chains or group chats

– Print and post in your front windows at home (or on the inside of a car window)

– Headed to a student sporting event? Take some time on the sidelines to chat with fellow Jeffco parents about the upcoming election.

– Make an announcement during community or faith events.

– Belong to social media groups that are local to Jeffco? Share these graphics and encourage people vote with educators this fall!

– Do you own a local small business? Print and post Varda, Reed and Parker information and support in your front windows.

– Active on Nextdoor? Post and share candidate information and encourage your neighbors to vote Varda, Reed and Parker!

Upcoming events

Be a mobile billboard!

Want your car windows painted?

Stop by any of our three canvas locations this Saturday from 10 – 11am to get your windows painted!  

South – Chaucer Park (near Ute Meadows Elementary)
Central – Sunset Park (12th and Miller)

North – Nottingham Park (87th Dr. and Allison)

October all-member meeting cancelled

Please join us for canvasing from the JCEA office or for the CCG forum!