11/2/21-Total Win!

Congratulations to Danielle Varda, Paula Reed,

and Mary Parker!

Dear JCEA members,

Election day is coming to a close and we can proudly say that we united for our students’ future in this election! You all have worked so hard and I want to acknowledge your efforts and dedication to your students, our schools, and our profession.

Our district had a lot at stake with a majority of the board seats up for election, and JCEA members across the district stepped up to ensure pro-public education candidates won.

There is no doubt that this school year has been extraordinarily difficult, but we did not let that stop us.

Together, we rose above our current challenges to encourage and inspire our members and our community to get out the vote and volunteer for Reed, Varda, and Parker. We can hold our heads high knowing that we came together, stayed in the ring, and fought the good fight for our students and public education.

We had members from ninety-nine schools participate in this election! I also want to acknowledge all the leaders identified in the list below for their work and dedication. If you do not see your name please let us know how and when you participated because we are still building it. 

I’m so honored to stand together with all of you during these challenging times.

I could not be prouder of the work we’ve accomplished together to build a better future and a better Jeffco for our students.

Go! Fight! Win!

In Solidarity and gratitude,

Brooke Williams, JCEA President

JCEA members made the difference!

We are still updating data and totals from all of the incredible volunteer work this election season, if you don’t see your name listed below and it should be, or you know of someone who should be included please let us know!

We want everyone who helped to be recognized!

Email Callie Orgeron with your names – COrgeron@coloradoea.org 


JCEA press release on our election results


November 2nd, 2021

Educator supported pro-public education candidates win in Jeffco

Lakewood –  The members of the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) have been working tirelessly to elect Paula Reed, Danielle Varda, and Mary Parker to the three vacant school board seats in Jeffco, and tonight the voters delivered their win.

“It was a busy and pandemic-impacted election season,” said JCEA President and art teacher Brooke Williams, “but hundreds of educators, parents, and community members were determined to support the candidates who are committed to focusing the district on providing a high-quality education to every Jeffco student regardless of neighborhood, race, religion or income. Today’s results send a clear message that our communities support strong neighborhood schools and the thousands of Jeffco employees who work on behalf of our students and their futures every day.”


Education professionals are hopeful that board members-elect Varda, Reed and Parker, alongside current board members Schooley and Miller, will work with Jeffco stakeholders to ensure that every student in Jeffco has access to a high quality public education.

The Jefferson County Education Association’s priorities remain:

– Proactive, collaborative problem solving to address the current staffing crisis in food services,  transportation, nursing and health services, special education services, and other educator and support positions

– Proactive, collaborative problem solving to address the current crisis in substitute coverage

– Recruiting and retaining dedicated, highly skilled educators

– Equitable access to resources for every Jeffco student and family

– Expanding Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs and pathways to ensure successful student outcomes for all