11/11/20 – November AR Council & Call for remote learning

Urgent: Elementary action steps:

  1. JCEA will release a survey later today. Please keep an eye out and let your elementary colleagues know it is coming and encourage them to participate based on the new information presented by our Board of Education this morning.
    2. Ask your colleagues how they feel about the proposed changes, and what they would support happening. We know these are incredibly difficult discussions – let’s be kind to people and tough on issues.
  2. Reach out to our school board members and our Superintendent to share your feelings on their proposal either way.

Board presentation here:

https://go.boarddocs.com/co/jeffco/Board.nsf/files/BV9MN45C0050/$file/PRESENTATION Covid JPS Learning Models11.11.20.pdf

Council recap from last night

Last night’s agenda was packed, and the bulk of our time was spent in debate on JCEA’s position in our current COVID-19 numbers and what demands JCEA was ready to make of our district in light of our current conditions. The statement we sent to district leadership is included below. This morning the district presented their proposed changes to the learning models – we have heard loudly from our elementary membership and will be launching an elementary specific survey this afternoon to better understand if they support the proposed shift to 100% in person 4 days a week with the 5th day being an asynchronous learning day for students and a much needed workload relief for our elementary educators.

Council Slide deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VA2wg6eGi-3xmU5XdKg17RLLgrugW56x2Tb9DdQXvuo/edit?usp=sharing

Minutes from last night: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P5bd2NX3h-2Qe3RWMOOF0Cg8iVwQr_a6tKQn00ZefvI/edit?usp=sharing

Action team reports:

Upcoming events:

The National Council of Urban Education Associations

This fall, the NEA NCUEA conference is being held virtually, which opens up a much broader opportunity for members to participate. JCEA is hoping to have as many members participate as possible. If you are interested in attending please fill out this form: NCUEA SIGN UP

The National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) is an advocacy organization of local affiliates of the National Education Association (NEA), which is dedicated to strengthening member advocacy and making the NEA more responsive to member needs.


The mission of the National Council of Urban Education Associations is to promote and advance quality Public Education in urban schools by empowering and supporting Local Associations, leaders, and members. In carrying out this mission, NCUEA focuses on the following areas:

  • United Voice for Urban Education
  • Promotion of and Advocacy for Local Associations
  • Partnership with NEA
  • Partnerships with Education-Focused Organizations
  • Training for Local Urban Leaders
  • Human and Civil Rights for All
  • Celebration of Diversity
  • Communication Among Locals
  • Staff/Leadership Relationships
  • Quality Working Conditions


For immediate release – JCEA’s position on Jeffco learning models

November 11th, 2020
Jefferson County Education Association calls for Jeffco Public Schools to shift to remote learning in a pivot towards safety.

Last night, the JCEA Council, an elected body of Association Representatives from across Jeffco Public Schools, voted overwhelmingly to demand that Jefferson County move to 100% remote learning. “The time has come for our district to pivot towards safety as community spread of COVID-19 has passed the point in which it is safe for our students and staff to remain in person,” said Brooke Williams, JCEA President.

Over the last few weeks most major metro Denver school districts have announced emergent shifts to or extensions of remote learning or mostly remote learning, including Denver, Cherry Creek, Aurora, Boulder Valley, Adams 12, Douglas County, Sheridan and Westminster. Jeffco educators overwhelmingly believe that their students, staff and community deserve the same prioritization of health and safety.

All Jeffco educators understand the importance of in person classroom instruction, however that cannot come at the expense of health and safety. Educators are concerned for their students’ health, their own health, and the health and safety of fellow staff and their families.

The chaotic movement of individual schools into moving to remote instruction for days or weeks due to the need for deep cleaning or too many staff in quarantine to properly function has created an inconsistent schedule and an often tumultuous environment for student learning.

Moving to 100% remote learning for a defined period of time will eliminate the constant upheaval for students, parents, educators and the entire community and will ensure a safe learning environment.

It is time for Jeffco to face the current reality of COVID-19, prioritize students and staff and pivot towards safety. Therefore, JCEA calls upon Jeffco to:


  • Move to a 100% remote model K-12 at this moment given the current COVID-19 infection rate.
  • Commit to K-12 having asynchronous learning days on Fridays in all learning models to allow for a minimum of one full-day of educator directed planning, so that students can have the highest quality instruction possible in all learning models.
  • Work with all stakeholders to create a simple yet definitive numeric threshold to determine the safety of in-person instruction.
  • Extend an exception for Warren Tech High School which has unique requirements to decide as a staff if their school will be hybrid or 100% remote. Warren Tech would continue to use State and Local guidelines to monitor health and public safety.
  • Review with JCEA and other stakeholders the COVID-19 cases per county on a bi-weekly basis to determine which learning model will be followed in the upcoming two week period.


Jeffco educators remain committed to partnering with their students, parents, district and community to meet all of these demands and ensure health and safety while providing the best possible education during a global health crisis.


The Jeffco Board presentation and video of the discussion can be found here: