11/11/21 – JCEA Vital Link

Celebrating a HUGE win: by the numbers 

Congratulations to everyone who stepped up, showed up, and organized during the school board election this fall.

This win is because of YOU and all of your hard work! 

Highlights from our election work:

– 12,000 doors knocked by JCEA members

– 4,272 conversations with community voters

– 330 JCEA members volunteered

– 100 different schools had at least one member volunteer

– 47 after school neighborhood canvasses

– 14 weekend canvass launches across Jeffco

– 7 member-to-member phone banks

In addition to everything above, JCEA members painted their cars, wrote postcards, attended school board candidate forums, hosted candidate tables during parent teacher conference nights, sent thousands of text messages, donated money, and so much more to support and elect Danielle Varda, Paula Reed and Mary Parker!

Materials from November Council

Council highlights: 

JCEA Bylaws – changes to the Bylaws were approved by council. The updated Bylaws can be found in the link below.

Updated Bylaws HERE.

Bargaining – small group work has been underway throughout the fall, and your team is planning to be back at the formal bargaining table in February. Keep an eye on your email and texts for updates and opportunities to get involved in our next bargaining cycle!

Election debrief – we spent our break out sessions discussing what went well, what didn’t work so well and the ideas folks had for election work in the future.

If you weren’t able to join us last night, please take a moment to add your thoughts to the election debrief document HERE.

Worksite mapping and charting – please remember to update your worksite chart to reflect who took action during election season, new members in your building, and any changes that may have happened since last month.

Find your building’s digital worksite chart here: http://bit.ly/JCEA-worksite-charting

Council documents:



Slides for your 10 minute building meeting (thank you Lauren Kott!) 

Slides from the meeting 

Council will be VIRTUAL ONLY for the next few months, unless we find ourselves in a crisis situation. Keep an eye on your emails for our zoom registration for next month!

We can make history AGAIN this spring!

  1. Winning collective bargaining for ALL Colorado Public Sector Employees 

JCEA and CEA are working with a large labor coalition across the state to organize and win collective bargaining rights for all public employees through the Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act.

This will be a major focus of our collective legislative work this spring because every worker deserves to have a seat at the table in their workplace.

– The right to a union when and where the majority of workers want a union

– Protection from retaliation for joining or participating in their union

– A seat at the table for workers by requiring employers to bargain with their workers through their union over working conditions, pay and benefits

– The ability to unite with your coworkers including the right to dues deduction, worksite visits and lists of fellow employees

Click here for more information on this historic statewide campaign!