11/16/21 – All Member Email – health & safety in our schools

Covid-19 health & safety in our schools

Dear JCEA members,

We are hearing various complaints and concerns that District management is not following their own District COVID protocols. We have also seen several posts on social media. Please know if you have any questions or formal concerns you need to contact our office directly.

Below is a link to Jeffco Public School’s Staff Protocols Operation Guide. Reach out to your Uniserv Director or myself, Brooke Williams, with details about which guidelines may have been broken at your school’s site.

Together, we will make a plan to address each site’s issues and violations. Continue to watch communications for upcoming updates as we enter the dangerous holiday season.


In Solidarity and gratitude,

Brooke Williams, JCEA President

Upcoming JCEA elections timeline 

Several of our action team chair positions are coming up for re-election in the spring of 2022. All JCEA action team chairs are members of the JCEA operational board, which is one of the key decision making bodies of our union.

If you are interested in learning more about what these roles are responsible for and the work that they are doing, please reach out to JCEA President Brooke Williams for a one-on-one conversation.

Find our election timeline HERE. 

Positions coming up for election in 2022:

– JCEA Secretary

– CEA Board of Directors position #2*

– Professional practices action team chair

– Community outreach action team chair

– Ethnic minority outreach and advocacy team chair

*The election of our CEA Board of Directors position #2 will occur at our Spring 2022 delegate assembly.

Bargaining 2021/2022

In our October council meeting we welcomed and approved the addition of two new members to our bargaining team and said goodbye to a couple of folks who are stepping back.

We so appreciate the countless hours bargaining team members spend working towards improvements for both educators and students through collective bargaining; it’s difficult to truly quantify the number of hours spent volunteering every year to support the process.

Thank you to Tony Tochtrop and Kevin Gomez for all of your hard work!

And welcome to our newest members of the team, Richard Sanchez and Debbie Bacon! 

We are still looking for additional folks to represent elementary educators and interests, if you are interested please email Lisa Elliott  at LElliott@coloradoea.org

Bargaining 2021/2022 small group work

This fall your bargaining team has been engaged in ongoing small group work with various members of the management team to continue to dig deeper on some specific issues we still had work to do on from last year’s bargaining.

Time management, leaves, compensation structures and CTE compensation, and Special Education are just some of the topics on the table with the goal of starting next February ahead of the curve.

Keep an eye on your emails for the first round of surveys from your team coming after winter break.

Jeffco’s Talented Teachers

October 2021

Congratulations to all of the October winners! 

– Cass Chatfield, Standley Lake High School

– Heather Tills, Standley Lake High School
– James MacIndoe, Standley Lake High School

– Erin Allen, Wayne Carle Middle School

– Melissa Leonard, Wayne Carle Middle School 

– Caitlin Wilson, Wayne Carle Middle School

– Paul Kenner, Wayne Carle Middle School 

CEA delegate assembly 2022

It’s that time again!

The CEA delegate assembly is an incredible opportunity to come together with fellow members from across the state to discuss, debate and plan for the upcoming work of our union.

All JCEA members in good standing are welcome to attend and we encourage you to take the opportunity to join us! It’s a very good way to get a better understanding of how members drive decision-making and how we work together to continue to improve public education for every Colorado student and family.

Let us know you are interested in attending by filling out this form!