11/20/2020 – COVID-19 is the enemy we must unite to fight

Building a COVID dial that does not change

JCEA has joined with locals from across the state to demand that districts work with educators to define clear concrete metrics as to when districts shift from in person to hybrid to remote. We believe that consistency, clarity and transparency will help everyone in our school communities as we navigate the rising spread of COVID-19. Together this group represents more than 60% of our Statewide CEA membership and our group continues to grow.

We believe in-person learning is essential for student success. We are calling for clear thresholds now so that we can get back to in person learning later as soon as it is safer to do so.

In Jefferson County, we’ve been forced to move into remote-learning because COVID cases are rising and quarantines are causing our buildings to be understaffed and impossible to keep open. Our district leadership and school board members have been receiving death threats. Not having clear metrics divides our school community and this is a time we need to stand together to keep everyone safe.

The COVID-19 virus is the enemy – not educators, students, parents or district leadership who are all navigating difficult decisions in an unprecedented time.

The numbers on this draft dial are based on the recommendations from the World Health Organization, and we are ready to work with the district to define the metrics that work best for our district while prioritizing safety for all.

Proposed association dial example:

·         Everyone knows that stress and workload are through the roof this year. With our Updated COVID-19 Dial for Public Schools, we’ll be able to alleviate some of that stress and anxiety about what to expect.

·         We need something easy and reliable.

·         We need a clear threshold for when schools can safely have in-person learning and when we need to have remote-learning.

·         Our district is following state and county advice, however the state dial continues to change the metrics and offers only “suggestions” as to how schools should operate.

·         Parents, students, and educators need one, easily understood data point  to be able to prepare and understand when our schools will be fully or partially opened and when they’ll be closed and why.

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Pre-k and special education forum

We have heard from educators across the district that they have questions, concerns and need space for discussion and to define the supports that you all need in our current conditions. JCEA members and non-members are welcome to join us!

RSVP here for the link to join us on Monday, November 23rd at 10:00 am via Zoom:


Take our brief pre-k, SPED and RN survey here: https://bit.ly/PreK_SSN_Nurses

Jeffco community budget survey – make your voice heard!

We encourage all Jeffco educators to participate in the community budget survey that is currently open. While we continue to negotiate formally over compensation and benefits, this is an important place to share your feedback on what you believe the district should invest resources in.

Find the survey here: https://budget-simulation-tool-2021-2022.ethelo.net/page/welcome

Colorado State Board of Education granted a six-month EXTENSION to the READ Act mandate.

Thank you to all of the educators who used their voice to make this happen!
We will continue to fight for a one-year extension, but for now, we’re glad that educators will have some relief and time to focus on our students as we continue to juggle workloads exacerbated by the pandemic.