12/21/20 – Survey: Return to in-person learning plan

Return to in-person learning survey – it’s not too late, but our survey closes tonight!

All licensed Jeffco educators received a BRIEF survey to their school email last Wednesday afternoon (December 16th) for your feedback on the district’s return to in-person learning plan – please make sure to check your spam box. The subject line was “URGENT: JCEA input District plan for spring restart”.

  1. Review the Jeffco return to in-person learning plan – *Scroll to the bottom of this email for a step by step guide on how to find the PDF on the district’s public website.
  2. Make your voice heard by taking our BRIEF survey on the proposed plan
  3. Encourage all of your colleagues to participate too!

We know that there are strong and genuine feelings on all ends of the spectrum. While we may not always agree, we encourage everyone to listen with intention and make space for all to be included in the conversation.

How to find the full district plan, presentation and board discussion

  1. Visit the Jeffco public website – https://www.jeffcopublicschools.org/
  2. Click the “Menu” drop-down
  3. Click the “About Jeffco” drop-down
  4. Click the “Board of Education” drop-down
  5. Click “Board Meetings”
  6. In the last line of the 3rd paragraph there is a hyperlink “Meeting agendas are available here” – click the link – https://go.boarddocs.com/co/jeffco/Board.nsf/Public
  7. Click the meetings tab on the upper right
  8. Select the December 16th 2020 Special meeting/study/dialogue –


  1. View the agenda
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see the meeting agenda, section 2.03 “Learning Model Changes: Return to In-person (EL-11) – Click this section
  3. Scroll down the bottom of the page for the attached PDF of the plan
  4. Click that document to open into the full PDF presentation.

View the recording of the meeting here:


The return to in-person learning plan presentation begins at the 2 hour and 25-minute mark of the recording, we suggest beginning a bit earlier in the recording to also watch JCAA’s (Our Administrators group) presentation and some of their feedback on the plan and what they have heard from educators in their buildings. Their presentation begins at the 1 hour and 3-minute mark. Beginning at 1 hour and 32 minutes their conversation about the restart plan begins.

Please encourage all of your fellow licensed Jeffco educators to make their voices heard by participating in our brief survey – it is imperative that we hear from as many educators as possible.