12/21/21 – Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, Union busting’s got to go!

Unions have power.

Why else would outside interests try to convince you to drop?

Good afternoon fellow JCEA members,

Many of you have recently received emails or mailers to your home from the Freedom Foundation regarding your union dues and rights. For more than fifty years JCEA membership has always been voluntary; you decide whether or not you want to join JCEA’s collective voice.

The Freedom Foundation actively fights against our rights as educators and workers to advocate for our students’ learning conditions, our working conditions, and most importantly our right to collectively bargain. This group also works very hard to cut state services, attack workers, and has close ties to the Koch Brothers and other dark money organizations that benefit the top 1%.

I challenge all of you to think about why an outside organization would take the time to find personal and work contact information and blast educators across America (not just in Jeffco) and encourage them to drop their union membership. How does it benefit the 1% for workers to be disorganized, non-unionized, and without a voice on the job?

JCEA is a member-led and member-run organization. Together, we make decisions on our bargaining priorities, organizing efforts, campaigns, collective actions, and decide our budget. JCEA leaders always want to hear from our members about these decisions.

Year after year, JCEA members have taken collective action to improve our compensation, classroom resources, learning conditions and public school funding. Educators who work in districts with a strong, active, and engaged union have higher wages, improved working conditions and better student outcomes.

When we stand together, we win together for our students and our profession.

Join me in standing against shadow organizations whose only goal is to silence your voice, destroy labor unions, and weaken public education. http://jcea.coloradoea.org/join-now/

You’ve worked hard all year long and now it is time to enjoy a break with the ones you love. I wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season and I look forward to a New Year full of wins and success for educators and our students!

In Solidarity,

Brooke Williams

Art teacher & JCEA President


Remember what we’re fighting for…


Stay tuned after break for details on how members can take action for our demands!