12/9/2020 – December AR council tool kit and updates

Recap from council last night

Please plan to hold a virtual 10 minute meeting with the members in your building as soon as you possibly can – we need to hear from as many members as possible about when and how we return to in person learning. If you need help, scroll down for some simple and helpful tools!

Returning to in-person learning…

As we near winter break, when and how we return to the buildings is quickly becoming a major focus of our conversations and our work as JCEA. As our members did over the summer, we are committed to working together to ensure that our members have a voice in our vision for a safer return.

After a long and healthy debate, the JCEA AR council unanimously voted to approve a motion that supports returning to in-person learning when COVID cases have declined and Jefferson County returns to level yellow on the dial. We all experienced what happened this fall as cases in the community exploded and cases in our schools and classrooms followed.

As positivity rates in Jeffco reached 8, 9, 10% and beyond, it became clear that despite our best intentions and incredible hard work, we no longer had enough educators and support staff healthy and out of quarantine to safely keep our schools open and operational. We must use metrics that reflect our lived experience and support our operational needs.

What does level yellow mean?

Level yellow has been defined by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as <175 cases per 1000k per week, and a test positivity rate of <10%. Our students, educators, parents and community deserve a plan that is realistic, clear and sustainable. Choosing metrics that reflect and respond to our experience this fall helps to support those goals.

District plan presentation December 16th

Jeffco district leadership is planning to present their return to in-person plan on Wednesday December 16th at 8:30 am and we encourage you to watch if you are able, or view the recording after the fact. Please join us at 5:30 pm on the 16th for a joint all member meeting with DCTA to talk about unifying our efforts – more information included below and keep an eye on your emails for feedback opportunities and action steps.

Resources from council last night:

Toolkit for 10 minute meetings:

Slide deck from council:

Minutes from council:

10 minute meeting slides: Lauren Kott has done it again! She’s created a festive slide deck for you all to use for your 10 minute meeting – just make a copy and add or change any information you would like for your building! Thank you Lauren!


Video to share in your 10 minute meeting: Our fearless OAT leader Cory Bissell made a quick recap video for folks to share if you would like to. All you have to do is set up a zoom meeting, invite your members and let the video roll.  Thank you Cory!