2/1/21 – CMAS testing, Black Lives Matter at School week and more

Black lives matter at school week began today

Black Lives Matter at School is a national coalition organizing for racial justice in education. NEA, your national union encourages all educators, students, parents, unions, and community organizations to join this annual week of action during the first week of February each year.

As an organization representing public school educators across the country, the National Education Association recognizes the need to end institutionally racist systems and policies that have governed our society for too long and kept Black people from full participation in American life.

For many Black students and families, our public schools are the heart of our communities. But far too many have been overlooked, neglected, and forgotten by those in power who choose to bail out greedy corporations and line the pockets of privatizers. We must hold decision-makers accountable to the people by reinvesting in policies and systems to achieve healthy and strong schools and communities.

To our Black students, colleagues, parents, and families: You matter, your trauma matters, your voice matters, your protest matters, your dreams matter. We mourn with you, we stand with you and we organize with you to dismantle all acts of discrimination and racism.

Therefore, we demand justice and equity for Black lives in all places and in all forms in our judicial, education, housing, health, and economic systems.

Join educators across Colorado and our country in supporting Black Lives Matter in schools week February 1st – 5th 2020

Sign the pledge to support Black Lives Matter at School week

Curriculum resources for students of all ages


COVID Monitoring Committee (CMC) Update:

Provided by JCEA Representative Candice Steinke

First and foremost we are often reminded that this committee offers recommendations only and that the agenda is set by the three association leaders of JCEA, JESPA, and JCAA, and a parent advocate.

At our last meeting all members were surveyed as to what topics they were interested in talking about moving forward “students who are left behind” was the number one topic, after that “COVID impact on student learning,” and a two-way tie for “potential student trauma-impacted by health of classmates, staff and/or family,” and “Student trauma due to transitioning in and out of school.” Although it should be noted that several other topics were tied in percent of interest, such as school infection rate.

Julie Wilkens gave a COVID update – according to Jefferson County Public Health, we are at the lowest two-week cumulative case count and positivity rate ever. Currently, 306 two weeks cumulative case count, 4.5% positivity rate, and hospitalizations are stable. Multiple members expressed a need for quarantines to be added to the Jeffco Public Schools Dashboard.

Rapid Testing: Jeffco Public Schools signed up to participate in the BiNax now rapid testing program, the first month is free and then after that, it gets pricey. The state has really dropped the ball in rolling these tests out to schools and providing funding for them. School districts will have to take on 75% of the cost, $18 per test. This is an opt-in program and tests can be mailed to your house. More information to come after the district meets with Governor Polis.

Vaccination: As of Friday, January 29th, educators are set to be vaccinated beginning on February 8th. Governor Polis said Friday that school districts were responsible for setting up the system for their educators. The district has not yet communicated its plan.

The rest of the meeting was spent on attendance and enrollment rates, PD offered to help teachers, MTSS/intervention for students, and data on student failure rates. Questions were asked about the reliability of data, members wanted aggregated data and not general data. Many questions were posed about how the district is actually tracking the percentage of students who are showing up for remote classes. Questions in regards to READ act approved resources, resources for math MTSS were met with responses regarding schools using SBB funds for these items and/or resources we already have within Math Expressions.

Dr. Susan Leach presented on all of the mental health supports being offered to students and families, They have a comprehensive plan and have asked for student feedback repeatedly.


The CMC’s next meeting is on February 11th, our four leaders will create the agenda.

CMAS testing in 2021?
Support Jeffco Kids wants to hear from YOU!

Are you a parent or an educator? We want to hear from you about CMAS testing.

During the most recent Colorado State Board of Education meeting, there was discussion about Colorado parents demanding this testing take place (while educators and others advocate that testing this year is not a high priority during a global pandemic.) Support Jeffco Kids wants to get your perspective. Please share with everyone you know, including other districts across Colorado.