2/10/21 – JCEA Bargaining begins tonight! February Vital link 2021

Resources from last night’s council

Please scroll to the end of this communication for the full timeline of important dates related to the JCEA/CEA/NEA elections this Spring

Council Agenda – February 9th, 2021

Council Minutes – February 9th, 2021

Council Slide Deck – February 9th, 2021

JCEA Stand up meeting slide template

JCEA collective bargaining 2021 begins tonight at 4:30 pm

We’ve made an important change to how folks view bargaining this year! PLEASE NOTE that the JCEA live streaming will happen in our JCEA #RedforEd group, not on the JCEA BOAT Facebook page.

In the JCEA #RedforEd group we will have live chat throughout the bargaining sessions, access to digital copies of JCEA proposals for each session and members of your bargaining team will be hosting additional live feedback either before the session, after the session, or during caucus breaks – our hope is to provide more space for education around the bargaining process and engagement with your team in real-time.

Tonight’s session will be focused on the norms, structures, and logistics of the bargaining process this year – some folks love these kinds of details but we want you to know that no formal proposals will be made tonight. We will send out a recap of this session for folks this week.

Our first date for exchanging proposals is February 25th. We will be rolling out an easy action all Jeffco educators can take to support our shared priorities and goals. We hope to kick-off bargaining with a strong, visible, united action across the district. Details coming shortly!

Grub Club 2021 update – we have a few days left to reach our $20,000 goal!

Do you think we can make it to $20,000 by February 13th? Donate today! Even $1 makes a difference for homeless and emancipated Jeffco youth!


Direction Donation to Grub Club 2021: Anyone can donate through February 13th 2021! Use social media to invite your broader networks to donate opens up a whole new way to support the cause.

  • Donate directly to Action Center: https://bit.ly/2021ActionCenterGrubClubDrive
  • Indicate your neighborhood school in the “dedication” section
  • OR Mail a check made out to “The Action Center” to the JCEA office.
  • Write “Grub Club” in the memo line
  • You can drop checks off through the JCEA office mail slot (on the backside of the building)

Food items for donation:

February JCEA All member meeting

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Interesting in building a stronger relationship with the members of our school board?

Are you looking to get involved with your union but need flexibility? Interested in elevating educator voice to Jeffco decision-makers? Join our team of educators who engage Jeffco school board members around the issues that matter most to our schools, students, and profession. Through cultivating relationships with and outreaching to Jeffco school board members, you can help elevate educator voice in decision making. Your voice matters! Curious to know more?

Fill out the form below and someone will reach out!  https://forms.gle/EkkGNLjf9Ryz1mu48


Union School February 18th

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Unless otherwise noted, all deadlines are 12:00 PM Mountain Time on the dates listed.



December, 12th 2021


JCEA AR Council begins CEA DA election process (sign-up)
January 15, 2021


Deadline for submitting Proposed Bylaw Amendments for the 2021 CEA Delegate Assembly.

Please review the information on pages 3-5 of the Governance Handbook before clicking on the link to access the online submission form

January 19, 2021


Cutoff date – local affiliate membership count for allocation of CEA delegates to the 2021 Delegate Assembly.
January 25th-29th Election dates for CEA Delegate Assembly
February 1, 2021


·         Elections Committee Verified Votes/ Election

·         Deadline to declare intent to seek any of the following offices:

–     CEA President

–     CEA Vice President

–     NEA Director

–     Service Fee Director

–     CEA Board Director or Alternate

–     Regional Representatives to the Colorado Fund

–     Colorado State Delegate (CEA Funded) to NEA RA

In order to declare intent, each interested candidate must submit their self-nomination form (required) as well as a photo and personal statement (optional) online via the link below:


February 9th


“Smotherman, Chesca [CO]” CSmotherman@coloradoea.org

·         NEA-RA Local Sign Up (Self-Funded) Please Give You Name to Brooke Williams, Chesca Smotherman, Callie Orgeron, & Melissa Roach mlroach75@gmail.com

·         Official Announcement of JCEA Office of Vice-President Vacancy 2021-2024,

·         Official Announcement of JCEA Office Treasurer-2021-2024

·         Official Announcement of CEA Board #1-2021-2023 (Rhiannon’s Seat)

·         Announce of openings for JCEA Action Team Chairs

·         Communications out to members for positions of Vice-President Vacancy 2021-2024, Treasurer-2021-2024 and request announcements, bios, picture, and a video

·         Candidates for JCEA Vice-President Vacancy 2021-2024, JCEA Treasurer-2021-2024 will have February 9th-17th 5:00pm Chesca Smotherman, Brooke Williams to submit announcements, bios, picture, and a video for communications purposes

·         Formal written declaration to run for the office of JCEA Vice-President Vacancy & JCEA Treasurer must be sent to the Election Committee Chair, Melissa Roach via email. mlroach75@gmail.com

February 15, 2021


·         Deadline for initial submission of Proposed Resolutions & Items of New Business to be considered at the 2021 CEA Delegate Assembly.

–     Proposed Resolutions

–     New Business Items

–     Please review the information on pages 6-14 of the Governance Handbook before

·         Deadline for tagging local affiliate delegates and alternates to the 2020 CEA Delegate Assembly.

·         Deadline for filing Local Affiliate Ethnic Minority 3-1(g) Plans, as required by NEA and CEA Board action.

February 17, 2021


·         NEA RA Local (Self-Funded) Sign-up Ends

·         Formal written declaration to run for the office of JCEA Vice-President Vacancy & JCEA Treasurer must be sent to the Election Committee Chair, Melissa Roach via email. mlroach75@gmail.com 5:00pm

·         JCEA Vice-Presidential & Treasurer Candidates Bios and Photos Due 5:00 PM Melissa Roach via email. mlroach75@gmail.com, Chesca Smotherman CSmotherman@coloradoea.org

February 19, 2021


JCEA Vice-Presidential & Treasurer Candidates Formal Announcements Bios and Photos in member communications & sent to all AR via the Vital Link.

NEA RA Local (Self-Funded) Communications goes out

February 23rd, 2021


All Member Meeting

–     JCEA Vice-President, Treasurer and NEA RA Candidates Speeches (2 minutes)

–     Q &A for Candidates

February 28, 2021


Deadline for Delegate Assembly delegates to self-register. Registration link will be emailed to the delegates reported by local affiliates.
March 4, 2021


JCEA Presidential Candidates must furnish one campaign flyer to the JCEA Communications Director, Chesca Smotherman CSmotherman@coloradoea.org
March 5, 2021


JCEA AR Council Agenda and Approved JCEA Presidential Campaign Flyers shall be provided to all members in the Insight
March 9th, 2021


AR Council

–     Ballots go out to all members in good standing electronically immediately after Council

–     Election Window for JCEA Vice-Presidential & Treasurer Candidates and NEA RA (Self-Funded) Opens, Voting Begins Immediately After Council and End March 16th 5:00pm

–     Speeches for Officers at AR Council followed by a question and answer session

ECEAT 2021-2024 & PAT 2022-2024 Speeches (2 minutes)

March 13, 2021


Deadline to purchase tables for the virtual 2021 CEA Awards Luncheon.

(Individual tickets will be available after this date.)

March 14, 2021


March 17th by 6:00pm

Electronic ballots for NEA Representative Assembly State Delegate elections open. (NOTE: Only those members in regions with contested elections will receive voting information.)

Communications to JCEA members will go out to with Executive and NEA RA election results

March 18, 2021


Only Mailing to 2021 CEA Delegate Assembly Delegates

Delegates will OPT-IN to receiving paper materials when they self-register.

March 24, 2021


Vice President-2021-2024 Treasurer-2021-2024

JCEA officer positions with CEA /NEA Positions will be determined by March 24th unless results are contested. Candidates have 5 days to contest results

March 31, 2021


Ballots for NEA Representative Assembly State Delegate elections close at NOON.
April 12, 2021


Pre-Delegate Assembly

Voting information sent to members regarding proposed amendments to CEA Articles of Incorporation (if needed).

April 14, 2020


Election for Action Team Chairs at JCEA Council – speeches and election
April 12, 2021


Pre-delegate Meeting for CEA Delegate Assembly

Speeches for CEA Board of Directors at DA & CEA Positions

April 15, 2021


Deadline for local affiliates to send local delegate and successor delegate forms to CEA for the 2021 NEA Representative Assembly in Denver, Colorado.
April 16-17, 2021

Friday evening-Saturday

Delegate Assembly will begin at 6:00 PM Friday evening, April 16 and adjourn when all business has been completed on Saturday, April 17.

JCEA will elect our CEA Board of Director

Regional representative to the Colorado Fund is elected at the Delegate Assembly. We need to do that with JCEA and JESPA together.

May 1, 2021


Deadline for members to vote on Amendments to Articles of Incorporation (if needed).