2/12/21 – Survey: Return to 100% in-person learning & Friday round up

Return to 100% in-person learning

On Wednesday, February 10th our Jeffco school board met from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm to discuss several critical topics including next year’s budget, employee vaccinations, and a long discussion of when and how Jeffco will return to 100% in-person learning. (A remote learning option will still be offered to families who wish to continue in remote)

Last night the Jeffco Covid-19 monitoring committee met and reached a consensus on its recommendation to Jeffco’s ultimate decision-maker, Interim Superintendent Kristopher Schuh.

Currently, there are two positions on the potential return. We want to hear from YOU about your feelings on each option. We have created a quick survey for all licensed Jeffco staff that will close on Tuesday, February 16th at 9:00 am. These survey results (without any identifying information) will be shared with Jeffco leadership to ensure that educator’s voices are being heard.


The board study session was certainly long, but interesting. The discussion of returning to in-person learning begins at the two hour and forty-seven-minute mark of the recording.



Grub Club 2021 update – $16,804 raised so far!!!! Big push to get to our $20,000 goal!

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Donation to Grub Club 2021: Anyone can donate through February 13th, 2021! Use social media to invite your broader networks to donate opens up a whole new way to support the cause.

  • Donate directly to Action Center: https://bit.ly/2021ActionCenterGrubClubDrive
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If you or your building have any food items that need to be dropped off please contact Callie Orgeron directly at corgeron@coloradoea.org

CMC report from 2/11/2021 meeting

View full notes HERE.

Report from JCEA Vice President Dale Munholland:

Last night the CMC met and if you have been following district news the last few days, you know we had a lot to discuss. I’m going to give just a very brief update.

Vaccines: It is the goal of the district to deliver 3,500 vaccines each week to employees with the goal of all of the student-facing staff having received at least the first dose by the end of February. After two weeks of receiving the second dose, staff will no longer need to quarantine after exposure.

We were told that the district could not have an on-site event like DPS or Cherry Creek have done because our providers do not have that capability. DPS and Cherry Creek have different providers who offered those services. The district is not planning any other substantive changes to the way the employees are getting vaccines; the district has provided names to providers and will generate a priority list to get the vaccine.

Secondary Return to 100% in-person learning: The big topic of the night of course was the discussion that the BOE brought up on Wednesday about secondary returning 100% to the classroom. There was A LOT of robust discussion around this issue.


There were concerns about consistency and predictability for students, logistical questions around class scheduling, busing, and bell schedules. Concerns about possible increased exposure and quarantines as well as maintaining social distancing, vaccinating staff, and maintaining COVID safety protocols. It was unanimously agreed that if secondary is going to return 100% early March was far too early.

The consensus recommendation of the CMC for secondary to return 100% was this:

*All student-facing staff, that want to be vaccinated, must be fully vaccinated (the district cannot require people to be vaccinated)

*Secondary only returns 100% if we are in the “Blue” level on the Covid dial

* Maintain and enforce all COVID protocols and procedures

* Allow admin. time to address and fix all the various logistical issues.

It seems as though if these recommendations are adopted, the earliest secondary could return 100% to the classroom is after Spring Break.

On a personal note, I will say this was the best, most cooperative CMC meeting that we have had. It is important to remember that the CMC can only make recommendations, it is not a decision-making body.