2/19/21 – We budget what we value – stand up for students and educators

Return to 100% in-person learning

I want to acknowledge again what a hard year this has been for all of us. COVID continues to be very divisive for our country, state, community, and even our membership. We have to stay united and strong for our students and remember that COVID is the real villain here. How we work together (or don’t) has a great impact on our collective success moving forward.

Please take every opportunity provided to you to provide feedback, as educators, parents, and community members in the next few days. It is critically important that stakeholders’ voices are heard. Every school should have begun a conversation or process for all stakeholders to provide feedback on your feelings about returning secondary students to 100% in-person learning.

If you have additional thoughts or are more comfortable sharing one-on-one you can and should share your thoughts directly with Kristopher Schuh by emailing him at Kristopher.Schuh@jeffco.k12.co.us.

Next Tuesday we are holding our February virtual all-member meeting and we will continue the work and discussion on when and how we return. Sign up for our all-member meeting here.

CMAs testing pause legislation

Jeffco’s own Sen. Rachel Zenzinger was one of several sponsors of a bill aimed at suspending state testing for the 20-21 SY. This bill is still in its early stages and is under consideration. You can read the full text of the bill here and check out all education bills here.

Bill summary for HB21-1125:

The bill suspends the administration of state assessments, contingent on a change to federal law or a waiver of federal law from the federal department of education, for the following instructional areas for the 2020-21 school year:

  • Science administered to students enrolled in grades 5, 8, and 11;
  • Math administered to students enrolled in grades 3 through 8;
  • English language arts administered to students enrolled in grades 3 through 8; and
  • Social studies administered to students enrolled in grades 4 and 7.

The bill prohibits a school district from using student academic growth measures or student performance measures when evaluating teachers and principals for the 2020-21 school year.

The bill requires a school or a school district to implement the school plan type that was assigned in the preceding school year. The bill requires the department of education, in determining the number of school years that a school or school district is on performance watch, to exclude the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years, and count the 2021-22 school year as if it were consecutive to the 2018-19 school year.

COVID-19 vaccine distribution Town Hall for SD20 & HD24

Senator Jessie Danielson will be holding a Wheat Ridge Virtual Town Hall with Representative Monica Duran on February 27th to give an update on COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Jeffco and answer questions. You can get more event information and register here.

Jeffco Budget forums

It’s no secret that Colorado’s schools have been starved for funding for decades. Our district, like many others, will be forced to make difficult decisions in next year’s budget about where to prioritize funding and where to propose cuts. We believe Jeffco should budget what they value and encourage you to join one of the upcoming budget forums to share what you value and what your students value. No one knows better what our students need than you.

Sign up HERE.

February JCEA All member meeting

RSVP here to join us! bit.ly/Feb_18_JCEA

Invite fellow JCEA members with Facebook: https://fb.me/e/28U8RJVBR

JCEA parent and community conversation

JCEA’s Community Outreach Action Team (COAT) is hosting a small group conversation for parents and community members who want to partner with our members to continue to advocate on behalf of student and educator safety. There are parents and community members across Jeffco who support this cause and it is our work to provide space for this community to connect and grow. If you are interested in getting involved in parent and community outreach generally please email Elizabeth Kantner at esbluestar@gmail.com

Join us Wednesday, February 24th at 5:30 pm
You must register in advance to attend – REGISTER HERE

Step up for Equity on February 25th

This is a historic opportunity for growth and progress for everyone in our Jeffco Schools community. Stand up for equity for educators and students of color. Join us for a district-wide action day in support of equity.

This week we sent out thousands of equity stickers and information about how to participate to our schools through the Pony – please check in with your building rep about who has the stickers and information. If you would like to help support these actions email Chesca at csmotherman@coloradoea.org

Simple steps to support our equity campaign:

Make a plan to wear red & sticker up (who’s handing them out, who’s sending solidarity photos, social media actions etc.) on February 25th and March 3rd.

  • Talk to your colleagues about the plan.
  • Ask for their support and if they will join you in taking action for greater equity and inclusion in Jeffco schools.
  • On the 25th & 3rd send photos from your school to jceacomms@gmail.com OR 720-454-6066.
  • Also! Post photos and/or statements of support on social media with the hashtags #JCEAProud #JeffcoDeservesEquity #StandupForEquity #CBA2021


CEA Collective Bargaining Session #2

After a productive first session to establish the ground rules and structure for this year’s bargaining, your team is headed back to the table with two new articles. Save the date, RSVP to join us, and share with all of your Jeffco colleagues!

Facebook event to share: https://fb.me/e/2gJKxTPV5


JCEA Leadership elections

JCEA Vice President candidate Dale Munholland

My name is Dale Munholland and I would like to be your next JCEA Vice President.

I have been a teacher for 22 years and joining JCEA was literally the very first thing I did when I attended induction for JeffCo schools back in 1998.

During the past 22 years, I have been witness to some of the most turbulent and trying times in our district’s history. From the fallout and aftermath of Columbine to the desperate times of the bad board, to our current reality of virtual teaching. I was highly involved in the Recall of the School Board in 2015 as the Political Action Chair on the JCEA Board. I am a member of the CEA FUND Committee helping fund campaigns around the state in support of public education. Currently, I’m a member of the JCEA negotiations team as well as the Vice President of JCEA.

Looking forward, I think it goes without saying that our profession and education, in general, will never look the way it once did. Teaching will be forever different, learning will be different, schools will be different. I want to help ensure that those differences are beneficial for our classrooms and our teachers. Beyond overcoming our current struggles there are several other challenges that must be surmounted; an entirely new contract, budgetary limitations, and a new board majority, as well as other as of yet unknown obstacles that we will need to overcome in the future. I want to help lead this organization into this new frontier. Together we can meet these and any future challenges and overcome them.  

I humbly ask for your vote as JCEA’s Vice President.

JCEA Treasurer candidate Ernest Garibay

I’m Ernest Garibay, your JCEA Treasurer, and a teacher at Standley Lake High School. This is my 10th year teaching secondary math and my 5th year teaching in Jeffco. I have been a leader in JCEA for almost two years, and have worked evenings, weekends, and summers in order to build power in our Association.

In my role as Treasurer, I have helped guide our Association’s direction as part of the Executive Committee, helped oversee our Excellence Fund scholarships, and have assembled a Financial/Budget Advisory Committee, which our Association has been without for many years.

In addition to my role as JCEA Treasurer, I am also a member of the JCEA Bargaining Team, our EMOAT Team, and am involved in supporting other action teams and strategic teams at district-wide, articulation area, and building levels.


Virtual NEA RA for self-funded candidates

What is the NEA RA?

The National Education Association Representative Assembly–the RA–is the highest decision-making body within the over 3 million-member NEA. With over 8,000 delegates, the RA is also the world’s largest democratic deliberative body.

Over the course of eight business sessions spanning four days, RA delegates debate the vital issues that impact American public education and set Association policy and activities for the year ahead.

JCEA members who are interested in attending NEA RA as self-funded participants should email JCEA Elections chair Mellissa Roach at mlroach75@gmail.com