2/2/22 – TLCC info and Feb. Council registration

Joint letter to ARs and principals regarding the TLCC survey


Hello JCEA ARs,

I hope everyone was able to take advantage of the gift of time on this snowy and cold Wednesday!

Below is a joint communication drafted between all three employee associations and Superintendent Tracy Dorland, regarding the importance of licensed and classified staff participating in the statewide TLCC survey on culture and climate. The District will be sending this same communication to their principals and other admin via their next Leadership Memo, JESPA will do so with their leaders, and we are doing the same with our ARs now.

I do want to underscore the safety and anonymity of the TLCC survey because we hear often of a mistrust in the typical culture/climate or leadership surveys sent out to employees. Please help spread the message that this survey is safe and reliable, totally anonymous, and is the best place for folks to report both what is working well in their school and what is not.

As a reminder, please register for next Tuesday’s AR Council meeting, the agenda will be sent out later this week.


Dear Jefferson County Educators,

All of us are joining together to ask you to take the 2022 Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) Survey. The TLCC Survey is an online instrument where staff can share their perception on the teaching and learning conditions in their school. The data is very helpful for school improvement planning. As of right now, only 10% of Jefferson County educators have taken the survey. At least half (50%) of the staff and at least five respondents must complete the survey to be able to get results back.

Who should participate in the survey?  All currently employed, school-based, full and part-time PK-12 educators (e.g., teachers, TOSA, mentor teachers, librarians, instructional coaches, permanent substitute teachers); special service providers (e.g., school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, physical therapists, literacy specialists, school nurses); education support professionals (e.g., teaching assistants, community liaisons, student monitors, physical therapy assistants, health screeners) and building leaders (e.g., principals, assistant principals, deans).

When is the survey available?  The survey window closes February 18, 2022. The survey can be accessed on any device. The system will also save partially completed surveys, so you can pause and pick up where you left off using the same code. 

How do participants access the survey?  Each person will access the survey at www.TLCCsurvey.org using the confidential access code. Codes were delivered to building association representatives (JCEA/JESPA) and Principals via email on January 18, 2022. Codes were also mailed to ARs and Principals via US Postal Service. The same codes coming in the mail are also the same codes that arrived via email on January 18, 2022. Codes cannot be tracked to a specific person.

What is the role of the association representative or Principal? What is expected?

  • Work with others in your school to arrange a staff meeting so you can distribute the access codes.
  • Count the letters in your packet. You should have slightly more access codes than your school’s “head count” which your district verified with CDE. If you do not have enough letters, quickly email support@cedu.io to get more access codes. Do not copy the letters/codes, as each code can be used only once. If you have too many letters, save them for a time, then shred the ones you do not need.
  • Randomly distribute the letters with the access codes. Please do not put them in educators’ mailboxes or mark the sheets. Remind those taking the survey that it is confidential and not tied to a person’s name. This is time well spent and the data can be used to make valuable improvements.
  • Check www.TLCCsurvey.org often to track your school’s response rate to ensure that it meets the 50% threshold. If the head count is inaccurate, your district or authorizer can contact the help desk to have the head count adjusted.
  • Remind everyone about the survey during the window. Think about ways to encourage your colleagues to respond (e.g., time at staff meetings, competitions, personal reminders, full staff rewards). The TLCC website includes promotional fliers and videos, a detailed FAQ, and past results.


Tracy Dorland                                                                 Brooke Williams

Superintendent of Jeffco Public Schools                Educator & JCEA President

Lara Center                                                                     Jon DeStefano

Para Professional & JESPA President                       Executive Director of JCAA