2/26/22 – Healthcare cost survey – have you taken yours yet?

All Member Important Dates:


Health insurance cost survey – OPEN through Sunday, February 27th at midnight – survey info included below

EXTENDED! TLCC survey deadline moved to March 4th, 2022

JCEA March AR council virtually on the 8th


Upcoming JCEA bargaining dates:

Wednesday, March 2nd – 4:30 pm – in-person & online

Thursday, March 10th – 4:30 pm – in-person & online


HEALTHCARE SURVEY! Closes Sunday @ midnight!

Proposed increase to your healthcare benefits upcoming – we need to know where YOU stand on the changes!




The district benefits plan committee has been presented with significant increases to your healthcare costs and will be holding a vote of committee representatives March 1st on possible changes and increases in cost.


In the interest of transparency and member voice your JCEA representatives on the benefits committee need to hear from you to inform their votes.


Please know that these proposed increases will mean that we have to get ready for district wide organizing efforts to support your team at the table while they continue to advocate for money to help cover the increasing costs of not only health care but all living expenses! 



From your JCEA bargaining team:

At our first bargaining session, things got off to a rough start.

The District team obviously had a different idea of what we were doing with the work done this fall. It became contentious rather quickly.

After a dinner break and caucus the conversation turned to the work the small group on secondary planning time and workload did. One proposal which had District support was to guarantee 600 planning minutes over each two week period.

The District had suggested that secondary teachers would be paid for additional work based not on number of sections taught but if they taught over the average number of minutes. The point is to make secondary workloads more consistent across the various high schools with all their different schedules.

The JCEA’s concern was that it would open the door for more teachers to teach six sections, increasing work load and decreasing the number of classroom teachers. The point was made that more planning time for secondary was needed, but we would need to bring up the plan time minutes for elementary teachers as well. There was no resolution about this topic.

Conversations about Articles 5 and 8 (plan time and workload) will continue in later sessions.

We also briefly discussed a change to Article 11, Academic Freedom, to allow for resigning/retiring educators to take their own lesson plans with them when they leave. Back in the day teachers simply packed up their file cabinet into boxes and carried them out to their cars. Now, with most planning done in Google docs, those files are much more difficult to download and take with you when you leave. We believe we can come to agreement on this eventually so teachers can use the same tool that students use when they download their own work from District Google drives.

Next week we will start the discussion about how to mitigate the 10-15% increases in health care premiums for next year. If you haven’t taken the survey that is currently open on healthcare costs, please find the survey below and take a moment to participate.


The district/JCEA joint communication from last night:

Thursday, March 24, the District and the JCEA bargaining team met to discuss several items, facilitated by Kayla Mack from FMCS. After initial introductions, establishing norms for the group, and reviewing audience expectations, the team then discussed three substantive topics:

Elementary education – ideas and recommendations were made by both the District and JCEA leaders of this group. There were no final, agreed-upon recommendations or proposals that came from this committee.  There were questions raised about the role of the work groups as well as how the thoughts and recommendations resulting from these groups fit into bargaining. This particular group needs to reconvene (or meet through a “straw design” during a bargaining session) to develop a prioritized list of proposals to address the needs of elementary workload, class sizes, and resources. This will also include approximate costs, where appropriate.

The secondary workgroup focused on class size, planning time and educator workload (Articles 5 & 8) presented three recommendations that came from their discussions in the fall of 2021. Those included:

A minimum of 600 minutes of planning time over a 2 week period for all secondary educators.

Maintaining the cap of 150 students

A maximum of 2,750 instructional minutes over 2 weeks with additional compensation for time instructed over 2,750 minutes.

Secondary work will continue at a later date.

A final issue revolved around academic freedom – Article 11. A section of language was proposed by the work group JCEA delegate. Some questions were raised by the District and it was decided that the District will look into these potential issues and present a redline when the issues have been addressed.

The agenda for March 2nd, 2022 was set, which will include a presentation of information regarding benefits for the 2022/23 school year and presentations from the remaining work groups – Compensation (Article 17) and Special Education (Article 26)

Eagle county Superintendent

calls it like it is

In a candid and well researched message to state leaders, Phil Qualman, Eagle County School District Superintendent, shares his perspective on what is TRULY going on in education and how proper funding is vital in order to make a difference.

Here are some of the highlights from his statement with resources from Great Ed to further detail the severity described by Superintendent Qualman. His words have energized our organization to take action.


The battle for public education continues in Dougco

Do you have friends, family or loved ones in DCSD?

Here’s some helpful links to share to help connect them with the rising tide of teachers, students, parents, support staff, administrators, retirees and community members who are standing up for public schools and DCSD educators.

If you are new to Jeffco or just starting to learn about the history of DCSD/JPS and hostile political takeovers – Support Jeffco Kids put together a great post on the history:https://www.supportjeffcokids.org/were-not-in-dougco-but/

Current DCSD employees: It’s high time to join the union!

The Douglas County Federation has continued to advocate for educator’s rights and student’s learning conditions through the last 15 years of struggle in Dougco, NOW is the time to join if you haven’t already!


Follow on social media for updates on community actions to support educators, students and schools:




Jeffco Deserves Public Health Experts!


A community petition is currently circulating about the next director of JCPH:

“We, the residents of Jefferson County, want to express to the Jefferson County Board of Health the imperative that the individual chosen as Director of Jefferson County Public Health have a strong background in public health and/or infectious disease.

We need this person to be capable of making difficult public health decisions, but more importantly, we need someone who has the ability to understand the complexity of this pandemic, especially regarding kids and school. We need a candidate who will be able to recognize the on and off ramps for when mitigation measures and virus management need to be increased or decreased, depending on local epidemiology and based on expert guidance, best practices and a growing body of peer-reviewed literature.

We believe the competence necessary to navigate the next chapter for our community comes from appropriate training.”

Sign the community petition calling for a leader who is qualified HERE.

TLCC Update!
Has your building reached 50%?Deadline extended to March 4th 

We are in the final push to get everyone over the finish line of reaching 50% participation

If you know folks at any of the schools below please reach out to them and encourage them to participate and spread the word!

Bear Creek K-8 School 47.1%

Bradford K8 North 30.6%

Bradford K8 South 29.3%

Chatfield High School 44.2%

Coal Creek Canyon K-8 Elementary School 47.6%

D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School 22.5%

Devinny Elementary School 30.4%

Edgewater Elementary School 37.2%

Elk Creek Elementary School 47.2%

Evergreen High School 5.5%

Fairmount Elementary School 9.4%

Foothills Elementary School 46.3%

Fremont Elementary School 44.7%

Green Mountain Elementary School 40%

Lawrence Elementary School 0%

Lumberg Elementary School 41.5%

McLain Community High School 38.6%

Miller Special Education 42.1%

New Classical Academy at Vivian 44.1%

Parr Elementary School 37.8%

Peck Elementary School 27.6%

Prospect Valley Elementary School 44.2%

Ralston Valley Senior High School 48.3%

Red Rocks Elementary School 39.4%

Stober Elementary School 32.3%

Stott Elementary School 37%

Van Arsdale Elementary School 42.2%

Wayne Carle Middle School 46.9%

Welchester Elementary School 18.9%

West Jefferson Elementary School 40.5%

Wilmore Davis Elementary School 45.7%

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TLCC Help Desk

Online support form: https://app.cedu.io/support

Support email: support@cedu.io or contact@cedu.io

Toll-free number: 866-329-1530 (Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm)