3/12/21 – 40? 50? 60? How many hours are you working?

Data gathering for bargaining – track your time through March 19th!

You can find copies of all the proposals and counter-proposals at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GEu2L7HCr3DszdBaXUeVcBYlNvCGfQ3c?usp=sharing

Track your time – HONESTLY, all of it.

March 24th your bargaining team is presenting language on time management and they need real-time data to paint the picture of what your work looks like currently

We are asking that all members keep a quick record of their time worked over the course of one week – ALL of your time. Answering emails at 9:00 pm? Track that. Working on grading and lesson plans on the weekend? Track that. Supporting students and parents from dawn until dusk? Track that too!

Use this form to track your time – Due back by March 20th

When will we start talking about money? Your team’s survey on salary, District budget cut proposals, and actions YOU are ready to take on money issues will be sent to all members after spring break – keep an eye on your emails for updates!

Share your stories with your team and help support our goals for bargaining

Few things are more powerful than first-hand personal stories of how your students, your classroom, and your profession are impacted by current struggles AND how solving those challenges will help our school communities thrive. Your team is always looking for opportunities to provide concrete examples at the bargaining table of your current reality – stories for any of the topics being worked on this year are welcome and encouraged!

**Actions to support bargaining**

Share your story with the team! Any topic… consider this question: Why does something in the contract need to be changed? SUBMIT STORY HERE

March 11th bargaining recap

After an agreed-upon planning and preparation meeting, the teams began discussion on issues.

Your JCEA team presented new language proposals for:

  • Article 9 Student Discipline and Educator Assistance
  • Article 15 Temporary Contracts

Your JCEA team also presented counter proposals to three articles:

  • Article 1 Definitions
  • Article 2 Reservation of Management Rights
  • Article 3 Association Relationship

Management indicated plans to make counter proposals to Articles 1-3 at the next meeting.

The District presented the most current Board of Education budget presentation and answered questions from the Association.

Our next bargaining session is Thursday, March 18, 2021

Notes from the JCEA BOAT

The District gave yet another budget presentation – it is clear that they are considering budget cuts, potential furlough days, pay freezes or even pay reductions. Your team continued to push for additional information, data, reports, and creative solutions. Our community has been explicitly clear in its wishes to keep cuts away from classrooms and we believe that investing in frontline educators is key to our success moving forward.

We still haven’t seen significant District counter-proposals. We’re all waiting to hear a response to the significant new language on a joint Commitment to Racial Educational Equity, a new article for AMP (art, music, and physical education in elementary), and Remote Learning. The silence on remote learning, which was introduced on February 25, is especially bewildering. We know the District is working on remote options for parents to consider for next year. Why we haven’t heard more and started the conversation about what it will look like is concerning.

Of course, salary is always a highly anticipated issue. Last night it was pointed out that the legislature won’t adjourn until June 12, so the school funding bill will be fairly late. That and the unknown impact of the federal dollars coming our way leaves much in limbo. We will have a survey from the JCEA bargaining team after spring break on salary issues.

Stay tuned…. we hope you will join us for our session on March 18th at 4:30 pm.

Don’t forget to Vote!

Please remember to cast your vote for JCEA Vice President, Treasurer, and self-funded candidates to NEA RA. Ballots went out Tuesday to all JCEA members via their school email address – if you have not received a ballot, please email Callie Orgeron at COrgeron@coloradoea.org for a new link.

Voting is open through March 16th, 2021

Upcoming opportunities for elected leadership positions within your union:

JCEA Action team chair openings – nominations (and self-nominations) are open! These positions will be voted on by our council members in our April council meeting on April 12th, 2021. Up for nominations are our Political Action Team (PAT) chair and our Early Career Educators Action Team (ECEAT) chair. Both of these positions join the JCEA operational board in addition to carrying forward the current work of these teams while bringing new ideas and vision for the future.

Email Melissa Roach at mlroach75@gmail.com to nominate yourself (or someone else with their permission)

JCEA parent and community conversation

JCEA’s Community Outreach Action Team (COAT) is hosting their THIRD small group conversation for parents and community members who want to partner with our members to continue to advocate on behalf of students and educators. There are parents and community members across Jeffco who support us and it is our work to provide space for this community to connect and grow. If you are interested in getting involved in parent and community outreach generally please email Elizabeth Kantner at esbluestar@gmail.com

Join us and bring a Jeffco parent with you! Thursday, March 25th at 7:00 pm
You must register in advance to attend – REGISTER HERE

CMAS Testing: Relief for Colorado students and educators

While the original legislation proposed had to be modified due to decisions made at the Federal level – our smart and skilled bill sponsors and partners have introduced a second bill that continues this work.

There are lots of ways to take action to support relief from testing this year – action ideas below!

Quick link to connect with your senators – bit.ly/CMAS-call-senator

Petition to cancel CMAS testing – http://coloea.org/cancel-cmas

Celebrating own: Jeffco talented educators

Many congratulations to some of your fantastic colleagues! This month’s talented teachers are:

Mandy Kelver, Social Studies, Instructional Coach, Geography, Arvada West High School

Anne Garlow, German, Arvada West High School

Abby Conrad, Math, Creighton Middle School

Erin Brauer, ELA, Creighton Middle School

Monica Keegan, Social Studies, Creighton Middle School

Lori Rubin, Spanish, Ralston Valley High School

Andrea Leslie, French, Ralston Valley High School

Jiana Romero, Spanish, Ralston Valley High School