3/21/21 – When we work together, we win together! Will more plan time be next???

When we work together, we win together

What began as conversations between members and leaders has now become law.

HB21-1161 (Suspend Statewide Assessments for Select Grades) has been signed into law! This means the Colorado Department of Education will now be seeking a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education to do CMAS testing on a much more limited scale.

Thank you for voicing your support for #CMASRelief and HB21-1161 this year. We faced some major hurdles, including disappointing federal guidance, but we used our collective voices to win valuable instruction and support time for our students and educators.

We’ve shone a light on the harms caused by standardizing testing, and we’ve paved the way for a future where the resources and funds we put into CMAS testing are instead used for more educators in our schools, more mental health resources, and better classroom environments where our students can thrive.

If you have not already signed up, the best way to stay engaged throughout the rest of this legislative session is by texting CEA to 698-66.

It’s clear that when we come together as educators, parents, and champions of public education, we win for our students, educators, and our public schools, and we can continue to work together to ensure that each and every Colorado school is a place of exceptional learning.


JCEA collective bargaining 2021 is focused on Equity, Collaboration, and Respect

Bargaining Update

The JCEA and District negotiating teams met on Thursday, March 18, 2021, to continue negotiations on various topics.

We began by circling back to the timeline on our presentation of proposals. We agree that we will all try to pick up the pace to make the best use of our time during the school year, but no specific timeline was agreed upon.

The Association presented new language proposals for:

  • Article 18 Position Hold
  • Article 12 Hiring and Displacement

The District declined to present new language for:

  • Article 19 Grievance

The District presented a third round of counter proposals to three articles:

  • Article 1 Definitions
  • Article 2 Reservation of Management Rights
  • Article 3 Association Relationship

The JCEA Team requested an estimate of when the District would be countering our previous proposals: New articles for AMP, Equity, Remote Learning, and Articles 4, 13, 9, and 15. We are disappointed that the District was unable to give us any indication of when these counters would be presented.

Your JCEA Bargaining Team

It’s time for every Jeffco educator to:

Bargaining Organizing (BOAT) Update

Last night at bargaining was pretty frustrating. First of all the District was unable to give any estimate of a timeline of when they will be presenting counter proposals to any of the 7 articles JCEA has already presented.

Are they planning on dumping all these articles on the hard-working JCEA team at the last minute? Why aren’t they working on these?

The argument that some of the language proposals have a cost implication isn’t enough. Most of the articles don’t have a cost attached, and the others have plenty of language changes that are cost-neutral.

They did have plenty of questions for the JCEA proposal on Hiring and Displacement, Article 12. JCEA wants to add details of best practices to this article to ensure educator voice in the hiring process, and to clarify what collaborative conversations need to happen about displacement criteria.

Union busting 101

Some of the most alarming conversations occurred while discussing the District’s second counter to the JCEA proposals for Article 3, “Association Rights.” The District seems more concerned about the process for applying to various District committees than the commitment to JCEA to have our representatives on these important committees as we have had for decades.

They don’t think JCEA’s involvement in induction will necessarily “align with District initiatives” and there doesn’t need to be guarantees that the Association will be treated as the ‘valued partner’ they claim we are and have us participating in welcoming new educators to the District.

Some of us remember the two years we spend with an anti-union, anti-teacher school board when they called the police because JCEA members, locked out of participating in induction, were on the public sidewalks with welcoming signs for new hires. We remember when we almost lost our whole contract in August of 2015.

And now things feel very similar. Everyone needs to be paying attention to our bargaining sessions. Once again, we have a contract expiring in August in a state that does not require school boards to bargain. And a Board election coming up next November. We hope it’s not déjà vu all over again.


Last call to join our time tracking action to support winning more plan time for all Jeffco educators

Join our time tracking action TODAY! Follow this link for our user-friendly form – just one week is all we are asking folks to track at this time. Please submit ASAP before your bargaining team reviews them in their planning meeting tomorrow and encourage all of your fellow educators to do the same!


JCEA March virtual all member meeting

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When: Mar 23, 2021 05:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)


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JCEA parent and community conversation

JCEA’s Community Outreach Action Team (COAT) is hosting their THIRD small group conversation for parents and community members who want to partner with our members to continue to advocate on behalf of students and educators. There are parents and community members across Jeffco who support us and it is our work to provide space for this community to connect and grow. If you are interested in getting involved in parent and community outreach generally please email Elizabeth Kantner at esbluestar@gmail.com

Join us and bring a Jeffco parent with you! Thursday, March 25th at 7:00 pm
You must register in advance to attend – REGISTER HERE