4/9/21 – Educators flooded public comment last night

Are you paid what you are worth?

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We’re preparing for the financial conversations in bargaining for some time in May. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Your survey answers are important, and we use them at the bargaining table.

You want raises. The bargaining team will push for raises.

But it’s not that simple. It’s time to speak up—to your bargaining team and next month to our BOE.

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What we are fighting for this year:

  • Salary increases
  • District commitment to equity—for students, for families, for educators
  • More plan time every day within the student day
  • Annual leave-not sick and personal leave
  • Teacher ownership of your own lesson plans
  • Anti-bullying (adult bullying) commitment from District
  • Stronger collaboration processes
  • And more! Read all of our JCEA proposals HERE

The most powerful moments in bargaining this week happened at the school board meeting last night.

25 members showed up last night during public comment and demanded that Jeffco budget what they value. Equity, collaboration, and respect are the pillars of our work this year at the table, and educators from across the district shared powerful stories about what needs to change and how we get there together through respecting educator’s voices and improving your collective bargaining agreement.

We strongly encourage you to spend some time listening to your colleague’s stories, your student’s stories, and the future we are fighting for. We promise – it’s inspiring.

Public comment begins at the 38-minute mark on the recording of the meeting.

Ethnic Minority Outreach & Advocacy team: Public comment begins at one hour and thirteen minutes (1:13)

“My name is Sarah Gallagher. I am an ESL teacher and I work in a title one school and I directly engage with families and students of color. There have been many times I have had to address questions of inequality, whether it be with the unequal treatment of a student of color compared to a white student or even as far as how different and unequal Everitt is compared to another school in a more affluent community.”

“The hardest thing to hear from my students is the blatant knowledge that I am the only teacher in their school or any of their former schools in Jeffco who looks like them. It is hard to answer these questions from my students because I see that they are not wrong in their observations, and they are not wrong in the feeling they are treated differently in their educational communities.”

“I urge you, board of education, our 21st-century board, to put yourselves in my shoes, to feel, in your heart, what it must be like to be in this world, in this district, what it must feel like for my students to be in this world of difference. Rather than scoff or move onto the next topic, I ask you to feel in your heart about what is truly important here. All man is created equal and it is our responsibility to ensure that our community now and for our future generations.”

“The district’s bargaining team is sending a very strong anti message to our community by dragging their feet and not addressing article 22 for the last five weeks. I ask the board to encourage them to do the right thing, and if that is to be ignored as well, then it is up to you, you are the final deciders of our budget and I ask that you look into the district’s pockets and find that no child, no young adult, no educator and no employee of Jeffco Public Schools is too expensive to spend money on. Thank you for your time.”

– Sarah Gallagher, Everitt Middle School

Digital teacher-librarians: Public comment begins at minute forty-seven (47)

“We are here to speak about the inequities involved in the budgeting for the role of DTLs in the district and also the inequities in the technology that we support. When I came to Jeffco I was very impressed by the negotiated agreement and that this collaboratively decided-on document really laid out what Jeffco’s values were. It stated that every school would have a certified teacher-librarian, most of the time a full-time teacher-librarian. It stated that every school would have art, music, physical education, caps on class sizes, and more, all laid out in that document and those were our values. I loved that Jeffco said “All means all” and we meant it.”

“I am really worried that with SBB that we are starting to go down the road that Denver went down with SBB. They currently have almost no certified teacher-librarians in their schools. They are only funding art, music, and physical education through a mill levy. I am worried that we are getting this backward – instead of budgeting our schools based on our values, we are giving our schools what is left over, and asking them to figure it out and budget with that.”

Laurie Bell, Lakewood High School

“When the pandemic came, schools that had full-time DTLs were MUCH more prepared to handle the technology, troubleshooting, and needs during remote learning.  Schools that didn’t have DTLs, didn’t have anyone to help troubleshoot and it caused a lot of issues. There is so much inequity, with smaller schools, especially with SBB that we have created a situation of feast or famine.”

Shannon Feely, Swanson


Bargaining recap from April 5th

Our session this week felt somewhat more productive – but the district still has not responded with substantive counter proposals to any of our major articles. The minimal movement made is a start – but if management continues to bargain at this pace, it will take all summer. Make no mistake – this is a common management tactic – to exhaust folks into not paying attention or hope they can wait out your demands until you focus on something else.

We will not be fooled.

Join us for our next session Wednesday, April 14th at 4:30 pm

If you don’t use Facebook, bargaining is also live-streamed through the district HERE.

***If you’d like to join us for some in-person action on the 14th to support our bargaining team please contact Chesca ASAP at 720-454-6066***

April AR Council – Tuesday the 13th 4:30 pm

Calling all ARs!

Don’t forget to RSVP for virtual council! This month will focus on our escalation to support bargaining. We will review our member salary survey results and walk through what it will take to ensure Jeffco management invests in our frontline educators this year.

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JCEA April parent and community meeting

Join us for our 4th parent forum this year and engage Jeffco parents and community members in a conversation around partnering to achieve the schools our students deserve. Please invite parents that you know who would want to be a part of these conversations and problem-solving efforts! This month we will shift our focus to identifying possible solutions to the common issues we identified in our last two meetings (equity, mental health & safety, and funding) and what it would take to implement them.

Register to join us HERE.

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CEA Digital Week of Legislative Action!

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