5/1/21 – May 6th – It’s time for action

Bargaining update:

Equity language – after NINE weeks, still no response from management. Ernest Garibay asked yet again when we could expect a counter proposal on equity and the district refused to provide a timeline or an update. We have heard loud and clear from our membership that equity is non-negotiable. Clearly, it’s going to take continued action to compel management to take this language seriously. If you are ready to organize and support equity – sign up here to join us!

Equity allies in Action sign up

Special Education – On April 28th your JCEA team proposed an entirely new article of language focused on Special Education. This new language is critically important for both educators and the students we serve. JCEA’s proposals included caseload caps, protected planning time, additional compensation for required work commitments and legal obligations such as IEP meetings outside of contract hours, and language to address allocations not being set solely on the December count. Additionally, this new language addresses collaboration, training, and mileage reimbursement for educators required to travel.

Compensation – On April 22nd your team continued to work to expand and improve the structure of our compensation (Article 17). Including the need for additional steps on the salary schedule and increased opportunities throughout the year to submit graduate credits and completion of degrees for advancement to higher salary lanes.

Your team is getting ready to make our initial proposal on compensation for this year. Join us on May 6th for our actions at the in-person Board of education meeting to help send the message that THIS IS THE YEAR TO INVEST IN JEFFCO EDUCATORS!!!!

Additionally, members of your team will be making a presentation during public comment on our review of the Jeffco budget. Sign up to join us on May 6th!

AMP – Management’s counter-proposal on the new AMP article included some expected changes and some that came as a shock – such as renaming the article “elementary electives”. Art, music, and PE are not classes that elementary students choose to take, but rather an important, and state-mandated, part of the curriculum. It was pointed out during questioning that working toward better AMP language has been a two-year journey and many hours went into the initial proposal.

Much of the language offered by management in their counter is concerning. They proposed ending the current process and pairing committee and put more decision-making power into the hands of Principals, rather than our trusted AMP professionals.  The best change from their counter proposal was a more clearly defined process for educators who go from working split assignments to one full-time assignment being able to retain their home school placement. We are so grateful to our AMP article bargainers for being in the room to respond to this language and demand clarification from the management team.

CTE – A mighty group of Warren Tech educators joined your team at the table to discuss the importance of high-quality CTE opportunities for all Jeffco students. As a result of uncompetitive salaries for CTE educators across Jeffco (especially those lacking bachelor’s degrees), specifically, teachers at Warren Tech and other CTE programs have left in droves to other districts. They spoke of several instructors that had years of experience in the private sector along with a myriad of certifications who did not qualify for higher lanes in our salary schedule because they lacked bachelor’s degrees. They deserve competitive compensation for their specialized experience. This coupled with higher than average instructional hours for CTE educators has made their situation untenable.

Diverse and robust CTE opportunities are quite literally life-changing for our students, and we will continue to push on district management to make CTE a priority.

Professional Behavior and Educator Discipline – On April 29th the district made a counter proposal on Article 20. We believe we are close to agreement on this article, including new language giving all educators access to “Just Cause” when facing potential discipline. This is a BIG WIN for every Jeffco educator.

Collaboration – The management team made their counter-proposal to our changes to Article 10 (Collaboration) and we were thrilled to see most of our language was agreed to. A tentative agreement on Collaboration should be within reach!

Professional Development – Your team continues to fight for meaningful PD that plays an integral role in our educator’s growth. It is important that we empower each building to develop PD that is best suited for its staff and students and does not require educators to participate in PD which does not benefit them.

Association Relationship – Article 3 has gone back and forth more than any other article so far this season. Our sticking point had been on JCEA member’s right to seats on district committees, many of which impact our working conditions and our student’s learning conditions. We strongly believe that educators should be involved at every level and want that reflected in our contract.

Next Bargaining session May 5th, 4:30 pm

Your team will be joined by our rock-star Jeffco Registered Nurse article bargainers to present the final of our six new articles, all about nursing and professional health services in Jeffco.

Join us virtually for bargaining! It’s one super simple way to support your team and expand your knowledge of your rights and your collective bargaining agreement.

On May 6th JCEA and JESPA are joining forces!

JCEA and JESPA are uniting for a day of action May 6th in support of both of our negotiations and our collective work to improve working and learning conditions for everyone in our Jeffco community. Our JESPA brothers and sisters still have not settled on compensation from the bargaining table more than a year ago!!!

It’s time for Jeffco management to invest in frontline Jeffco educators!

May 6th’s action day timeline:

Wear your JCEA Blue or #REDforEd Red at work all day!

Sticker up day! JCEA and JESPA together!

Every JCEA AR has been sent a package of stickers in the Jeffco Pony – the white JCEA and JESPA united stickers are for the 6th! Make a plan for you, your colleagues, and JESPA members in your building to wear your solidarity stickers on May 6th!

Take selfies and group photos for our day of action collage and send to jceacomms@gmail.com or text to (720) 454-6066

Ed Center actions (Family-friendly and COVID conscious – please bring your masks!)

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Gathering and sign-making together! Family, friends, and community members welcome too!

4:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Mini March and banner drop (Route will be handed out on the 6th but plan for less than a mile of easy walking)

5:15 pm – Mini Rally and speakers

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – View public comment on the lawn. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and stay to watch public comment on the lawn together. Many JCEA and JESPA members are planning to give public comment for our May Board of Education meeting – support them and enjoy a little socially distanced time together.

Click HERE to RSVP for May 6th!

Jefferson Success Academy – Educators wanted for Summer of 2021!

Edgewater Collective is offering a free, in-person six-week Jefferson Success Academy to accelerate learning for incoming fourth and sixth-grade students at Jefferson area schools (Edgewater Elementary, Lumberg Elementary, and Molholm Elementary).

They are looking for teachers to join them for this summer program. Their goal is to hire six teachers and one site coordinator. It’s a priority to hire staff who will honor the life experiences and cultural backgrounds of students and families in our area.

Classroom educator positions pay $25 an hour – view the job description HERE.

Site coordinator positions pay $28 an hour – view the job description HERE.

Learn more about the Edgewater Collective and their work to support our community here: https://edgewatercollective.org/

Jeffco JSEL – still seeking educators!