5/10/21 – May Council registration link

May council – compensation, bargaining, and direct action!

Dear JCEA ARs and AACs – we are in the thick of bargaining and need as many of you all to join us tomorrow as possibly can. All of our language proposals are on the table and management continues to drag their feet – it’s going to take continued escalating action to push management to come to an agreement that meets our collective goals.

Many of you have asked when compensation bargaining will begin, it’s here! This Thursday, May 13th we will be making our opening proposal!

Join us for council tomorrow for updates about bargaining, our upcoming actions and how to get your members moving on actions to support bargaining this year.

If every JCEA member took just one action to support bargaining, we would send a HUGE message to Jeffco management that NOW is the time to invest in our frontline educators and budget what they say they value: Equity, Collaboration, and Respect for all!

Register for council tomorrow here: