5/14/21 – Compensation – what does our proposal mean for me?

JCEA’s Compensation proposal

Last night your JCEA bargaining team presented their financial analysis and opening proposal for compensation. Our proposal is ambitious, but well reasoned. The truth is, your team needs an army of members standing with them to bring these proposals to fruition. They cannot win this alone.

Read the full presentation HERE. (trust us, it’s worth reading)
Watch the recorded presentation HERE start at the 2 hour and 33 minute mark

Last night during our session viewers were fired up and excited about the possibilities and how life changing this year could be – if we stand together and stand up for what we deserve.

Some highlights of our presentation:

Q: How can I join the collective effort?

A: Take action. Encourage others too!

We have just about a month to organize and push on the management team and district leadership to get moving and come to agreement on a deal. If we all do a little – no one is stuck carrying the heavy load alone.

There are quite literally thousands of JCEA members across the district.

If every member is willing to do just ONE thing, (write an email to the BOE, send a postcard, post on social media, wear a sticker) take just FIVE MINUTES (to join virtual bargaining, host a stand up meeting, talk to a parent or community member about our goals) or outreach THREE other members to ask them to participate too, the district will feel the power of you and your colleagues QUICKLY.

They will know without a doubt that we all are united, strong, and serious about winning major improvements to our contract this year.

Sign up for actions to support bargaining here!

JCEA Bargaining support photo petition

Last night we kicked off our bargaining support photo petition project! Our goal is to collect photos and signatures of support from a majority of our membership in the next week!

This petition will be delivered to the management bargaining team, our school board members, cabinet members and to every building – as always, we are stronger together!

Steps to success:

  1. Sign the virtual petition HERE.
  2. Submit any photo of your choosing – either via text to Chesca at (720) 454 6066 OR via email to jceacomms@gmail.com
  3. Spread the word! Out reach your fellow JCEA members and ask them to join you!

Imagine what it will feel like to see the faces of hundreds (or THOUSANDS! of your fellow JCEA members) P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L!!!