5/24/21 – Managements counter on compensation

May 20th bargaining recap

Last night’s bargaining session was surely one worth watching.

On some levels, it was par for the course – management’s first answer is almost always no. It felt awful to watch so many red lines spill across our proposals, but we will continue to fight forward. Because we trust our members as the professionals they are. We know there are hard lines in the sand and other places we can find compromise this year and pick up again next year. Contracts re-open and evolve for exactly that reason.

We educate, organize, and push, while embracing that we can’t win big without a super majority taking action together.

Superintendent Dorland joins the bargaining team

Our new superintendent, Tracy Dorland, joined the district’s team to share her explanation for the district’s counter proposals and how she would like to work together in the bargaining process.

Her opening begins at the 18 minute mark in the recorded session. VIEW HERE

Mrs. Dorland spoke about the four key areas she has identified as common interests.

  1. Employee compensation.
  2. Educator time.
  3. Equity, diversity and inclusion.
  4. How we work together in collaboration.

Jeffco management counters on compensation – How do you feel about it?

We know that money can be a controversial topic. And it’s also an important topic. How will compensation this year impact your personal life? Your family? Your career? Your ability to work only one job, or two or three?

For those who are feeling undervalued as Jeffco continues to lag behind surrounding districts – will you join with your colleagues to stand up and fight for the district to do more?

Management’s financial presentation and proposal starts at the 38 minute mark.
(see our handy side by side comparison below). Mrs. Dorland said that she was uninterested in “playing games” and going back and forth with proposals and counter proposals.

She stated that this is what the district can pay.

She suggested it was their last, best, and final offer on compensation. We seriously hope that is not the case and plan to put together a counter to their proposal.

How do you feel about this proposal? How do your colleagues feel about it? Go have the face to face conversation. It’s been a very long year – reconnect with your shared values around our profession. Talk about what folks are willing to do, what it takes to get there.

Ultimately whether or not they move on their proposal will be up to our membership and how we continue to organize and push together.

Management’s compensation presentation HERE. (Page 10)

JCEA’s compensation presentation HERE.

Immediate action steps if you want to keep pushing:

  1. Sign our photo petition and send in your photo:  https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stand-up-for-equity-collaboration-and-respect-jeffco-deserves-a-brighter-future-join-us
  2. Attend the JCEA May Virtual All Member Meeting Tuesday May 25th RSVP HERE
  3. Plan to join us June 3rd for an even bigger day of collective action during the June school board meeting. RSVP HERE
  4. Outreach each and every Jeffco educator you know, update them on bargaining, and ask them to join the cause today.

Q: Where does equity belong?

A: Not in our collective bargaining agreement. (according to Jeffco management)

At the end of the evening Mrs. Dorland shared her thoughts on Article 22, our new proposal to address racial equity. At this time, she is not willing to commit to equity language being included in our collective bargaining agreement and has asked that the district’s team not provide a counter proposal on Article 22 because of that.

JCEA’s EMOAT team (Ethnic Minority Outreach and Advocacy team) has been in ongoing discussion about how to most strategically respond and we hope that our membership will stand with them to fight for meaningful change in Jeffco.

If you support equity for all join our allies group now to get involved. Contact Rhiannon at rhiannonwenning@gmail.com

Q: What happens now?

It’s time to get loud and proud! There are thousands of JCEA members across the district – it’s time to show without a doubt we all are united, strong, and serious about winning major improvements to our contract this year.

Sign up for actions to support bargaining here!

JCEA Bargaining support photo petition

More than 1,000 Jeffco educators have signed so far! Let’s keep the momentum growing!

T his petition will be delivered to the management bargaining team, our school board members, cabinet members and new Superintendent during the first week of June.

Steps to success:

  1. Sign the virtual petition HERE.
  2. Submit any photo of your choosing – either via text to Chesca at (720) 454 6066 OR via email to jceacomms@gmail.com
  3. Spread the word! Out reach your fellow JCEA members and ask them to join you! Over 1,000 folks have signed so far – let’s keep it growing!

Imagine what it will feel like to see the faces of hundreds (or THOUSANDS! of your fellow JCEA members) P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L!!!