5/4/2020 – JCEA Budget survey and actions we can take for funding

It’s been a big week

We have had a flood of questions and concerns around the budget presentations made by district management. It’s incredibly important that we hear from as many of our members as possible – take our budget survey ASAP!

Budget Bargaining Survey 2020

If you missed the budget presentation you can find it HERE.

JCEA members and CEA members State wide are taking immediate action to fight for funding. Join us TODAY.

The quick cut –

Bargaining 4/29/2020

The theme of the night was – “Can we really trust educators?

🔴 IMPORTANT! NO budget decisions have been made. Any decisions must be made with JCEA members and partners.

Management expressed a lot of concerns over educators being able to handle a sick bank responsibly – the conversation quickly got caught up in minutia.

Management isn’t interested in the sick bank including coverage of illness for the care of family members.

HUGE Shout out to all of our DTLs! Our team sees and hears how critically important you all have been to the shift to online learning.  Thank you! We hope this crisis compels management to fund a full time DTL for every school in Jeffco.

Our team appreciates every JCEA member who has shared their stories for bargaining this year. A good portion of the session was spent sharing stories about why our proposals are so critical to our educators and students.

The JCEA team revisited AMP language negotiated last year and spoke to how there is work left to do to solve the issues our AMP teams are struggling with around scheduling and paring.

SPED has been and will continue to be a focus of our work at the table this year, and especially next year when our entire contract opens.


Take a deeper dive:

Budget presentation:

The budget presentation was heavy on doom and gloom. The JCEA team is being very intentional in not making decisions based on fear – we plan to wait for factual information and numbers from the State once they return to session.

Corona virus is an unprecedented event, if anything it is HIGHLIGHTING the inequalities across our district.

Management said the easiest thing to do to save money is to cut educator salaries. The same educators who have held the district together with their relationships with students and their families and their professionalism.

Do Article 8 (class size) and Article 10 (collaboration) conflict?

That’s what management would like you to think: that we can’t possibly collaborate on school schedules AND ask teachers (especially AMP and SPED) their professional opinion about what is best for their students. Frankly, we do not agree.

Sick Leave Bank:

The Sick Leave Bank sounds like a great idea- this is a district issue but we agree (well almost) there seems to be concern that teachers will abuse the system (to go on vacation?) and management wants to control so many aspects of the program that they anticipate no one will use it, and then we will have to end it in a few years anyway. Do they understand what it is like to be in a classroom? No one “likes” taking sick days because it is just too much trouble to do so? How can we show educators that we value them? Offer assurances that in the worst of times we have your back.

Joint Statement from the table – April 29, 2020

The bargaining team met Wednesday evening, April 29, 2020, to continue discussion about various issues, including the current phase of budget planning and adoption, and class size and caseload for educators. In addition, the team held discussions regarding the potential sick leave bank program.

The teams learned the schedule and timeline for more concrete financial information to be available, from the state to the district, with new data available in mid- to late-May.

The teams did work deeply into details of a potential sick leave bank, and each team will work towards potential language around eligibility for future meetings.

The teams will meet again on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, at 5:00 pm.

Health care reminder!

Action: Please don’t forget!


Yes, even if nothing in your plan is changing – everyone MUST re-enroll.

The window to enroll ends May 13.

We also want to highlight that Kaiser is one of the options available to you and Kaiser is one of the only Unionized health care providers in Colorado. If you aren’t already a Kaiser member we hope you will consider joining them and supporting their healthcare workers and union members who are fighting on the front lines every single day. Many of our Kaiser Brothers and Sisters have joined us in years past for School Board Elections and in support of funding our public schools.

Go to https://teamjeffco.jeffcopublicschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=2918833&pageId=10612052