5/5/2020 – Don’t balance the budget on the backs of our students!

When will school funding be a crisis worthy of a cure?

The State Legislature and local school districts are already talking about more cuts to education. Now, more than ever, we must stand up for our students and fund our public schools. Our students deserve more, so the legislature must hear your stories of what the consistent under-funding of public education has done to your school, students, and self. What would happen if they YET AGAIN balanced their budget on the backs of children? What would it do to our profession, or our democracy?

Tell Jeffco legislators that enough is enough! HOLD THE BS FACTOR FLAT AND DO NOT INCREASE YOUR DEBT TO PUBLIC EDUCATION! Follow this link to our letter writing template and send your personal story to our lawmakers today!

The sad truth is, without additional funding our schools will continue to starve…

We saw the weight of the last economic crisis fall onto our students and our schools and in the COVID pandemic we must fight forward on two fronts – demanding that no additional cuts are made to the bare bones of education AND creating additional funding for our schools.

That’s why a coalition group called Fair Tax Colorado has launched Ballot Initiative 271. The COVID-19 crisis has severely limited our ability to get a jump on collecting signatures but hey, that’s what a back-up plan is for! If you follow this link and fill out the form, Fair Tax Colorado will mail your petition to your home in a matter of days.

OK, sounds great but how do we gather signatures if we’re supposed to stay home and social distance?

This is where our vast network of friends, family, and co-workers come into play. Since it is a statewide initiative, signatures are not restricted to folks living in a particular county. Take some time to come up with your list of 40 people that you personally know and could call and ask if they will commit to signing the petition. Then, choose a method of signature collection that maintains safety precautions:

  • Ask folks to swing by your front porch and sign the petition (BYOP- bring your own pen!)
  • Enjoy a day of drive-by social distancing and have folks come out and sign (BYOP is probably a good idea here, too)
  • Don’t forget your neighbors- toss that petition over each fence! (but don’t throw a pen at them!)

We must come together and demand the schools our students deserve

We continue to dream of the day educators won’t have to fight tooth and nail for adequate funding for the cornerstone of our democracy, but until that day comes, onward we FIGHT!

Our message must be LOUD and CLEAR! Write a letter to our lawmakers and sign-up to be a petition carrier today!

Questions about anything above? Email Callie Orgeron at corgeron@coloradoea.org