5/9/21 – JCEA’s salary proposal happens on May 13th

What’s included today:

  • JCEA’s compensation proposal coming May 13th
  • Rally at the Ed Center on May 6th
  • BOE Public Comment
  • Bargaining recap from May 5th

Compensation is headed to the bargaining table May 13th at 4:30 pm

We have heard loudly from our membership that compensation MUST be a priority this year and as federal dollars pour into Jeffco, we expect Jeffco to follow the lead of so many of our surrounding districts who utilized CARES Act and Esser funds to invest in their educators and compensate them for the incredible amount of work everyone has done this year far beyond what has ever been asked before.

We also encourage you to check out your team’s budget presentation last night at the school board meeting – beginning at the one hour and twenty seven minute mark of the recording.

There are two easy ways to participate:

Watch live in our JCEA #RedforEd Facebook group, with live chat throughout the evening and an after session to ask questions and hear from your bargaining team.


If you don’t use Facebook, simply join on the district’s live stream HERE.

JCEA and JESPA united

It was a beautiful day to join together with our JESPA brothers and sisters, students and supporters to call on Jeffco management to budget what they say they value: Equity, Collaboration and Respect.

Almost 150 folks joined together for an action at the Ed Center and the energy was AWESOME. So good to be back together in person advocating for ourselves, our students and the future of Jeffco Schools. Let’s keep the momentum growing!

Public Comment

It was another packed evening of public comment at the school board meeting last night. Dozens of JCEA and JESPA members spoke, some right from the parking lot while surrounded by members waving signs and cheering. It was incredible!

  • Jeffco’s non-licensed pre-school employees demanded that the district recognize their right to collectively bargain as newly organized members of JESPA (so far these requests have been ignored by district management)
  • Allies and educators of color shared powerful and personal stories about why equity MUST be at the center of every decision we make as a district because justice delayed is justice denied. We will not be silent, and we all have a part in addressing institutional racism and building a more equitable future for Jeffco.
  • Former Jeffco students and current Jeffco parents told their stories of how AMP education changed their lives and the lives of their children.
  • Our JCEA bargaining team made a presentation to the BOE about the budget – our message was clear: you CAN afford to pay your employees a fair wage.

Bargaining Recap

Jeffco’s nurses have gone above and beyond to keep our students, employees and schools as safe as possible this year during a global health crisis (and every year before) and its time for them to have focused supports for their work, protection for their licensure, increased voice in decision making, and language specific to the work they do. While all licensed Jeffco employees are covered by the entire JCEA contract, Article 25 is 100% nursing 100% of the time. Our nurses strongly believe in providing high quality care and this language will help support that goal.


Next management countered with language on Article 6 (Professional Development) and Article 3 (Association Relationship). Your team came to agreement on Article 3, and are hopefully just a few changes away from agreement on Article 6.

After dinner, our AMP educators countered management’s counter. We began by asking that management adhere to our norms agreed upon by both sides when we began this year. ┬áThis was necessary because on more than one occasion, management has redlined entire sections of articles (including AMP) and inserted entirely new language that does not relate to the spirit or intent of our proposals. AMP educators continued to advocate for language that mandates safe and fair learning conditions for students, as well as a work environment that is equitable for every AMP educator.

Management also countered on Article 13 (leaves). We proposed a change to an annual leave system, combining sick and personal time to provide for more flexibility and opportunity for self care. Management is skeptical of educators taking more leave and costing more money, so they suggested we revisit this idea next year after time to study the issue.

Your team also countered Article 12 (Hiring, Staffing & Displacement). We are still are far apart from management on our vision of what Article 12 should look like. We have been insistent that at least 50% of the hiring committee for principals be comprised of staff members at that school.

Our next session is Thursday, May 13th and your team will be making our compensation proposal. You and your colleagues have an opportunity to kick-off compensation in a position of strength and unity – all you have to do that day is join us for virtual bargaining! Management is SURE to notice several hundred additional viewers – let’s make it happen!

Next up:

Keep an eye on your emails, texts and phone calls! The next few weeks will be action packed as we continue to build momentum and push to meet our collective goals before the end of June!

We appreciate YOU!

This week was both national teacher appreciation week and national nurses week! Thank you all so much for your hard work this week and every week. We know “thank yous” have meaning, and we also know, collectively you all have the power to make real impactful changes at the bargaining table to wages, working conditions and learning conditions – let’s win big this year together!