6/5/21 – ONE scheduled bargaining session left! AWESOME action June 3rd!

June 4th bargaining recap

History in the making, Article 22 moves forward towards mutual commitment!

Management returned to the table this morning with a formal counter proposal to article 22. They gave thanks to our educators of color sharing their stories, challenges and hopes for the future. Allies shared their stories, took action and stood up for what they believe in by supporting their BIPOC colleagues, students and families.

After the session during our LIVE! Q & A with the JCEA team, it was unanimous sentiment that today marks a major step forward towards a brighter future in Jeffco. Our JCEA EMOAT team has worked incredibly hard to get here and we cannot wait to see how this new language moves forward.

We remember and honor Riley Robert Hawkins and his dream of equity in Jeffco for all. He would be so incredibly proud.

Our AMP article bargainers made another fantastic presentation and counter, moving one step closer to a tentative agreement.

Warren Tech educators presented their latest counter and continued to push for their work to be recognized. Currently, CTE educators are working an additional 7 hours weekly UNPAID to ensure their students meet the minutes needed to complete their programs.

Your JCEA team also countered on Article 8 (class size and caseload) Article 26 (special education) and compensation structures.

Management’s team countered on compensation, adding 1% to their COLA and 1% to their proposed one-time payment.

How do you feel about their counter offer?

How do you feel about this proposal? How do your colleagues feel about it? Talk to your trusted circle about it. Do you support it? If not, what are you willing to do with your colleagues to continue to push?

Ultimately whether or not management moves on their proposal will be up to our membership and how you and your colleagues want to move forward.

JCEA’s compensation presentation 6.1.21

Management’s compensation presentation 6.4.21 HERE.

FACTS on Colfax June 3rd Recap

It was a beautiful afternoon full of beautiful humans. We know it sounds sappy, but HOLY COW did it feel great to see folks in person again, nearly double as many as our last action!

Almost 300 folks joined together at the Ed Center last night to show our school board members we are fired up and willing to show up for what we believe in!

Welcome to your union!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to our non-licensed pre-school educators who WON their right to organize and join a union last night! JESPA members, leaders and activists have done incredible work over the last year to build community, identify issues, find shared values, rally around solutions and empower this powerhouse group to come together to make change.

Welcome into JESPA and into our Jeffco union family! We are SO PROUD of all of you!
(members of their organizing committee celebrating their victory last night)

(members of the preschool organizing committee celebrating their victory last night)


Silent auction open!

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Proceeds from our auction are used to fund our annual scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to Jefferson County high school seniors entering college the following year to pursue a degree in education. Each scholarship granted is for $1000 per year and can be renewed for up to four years, for a total of $4000.

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JCEA Bargaining support photo petition

It’s not to late to join the effort! We are still collecting petition signatures and photos for our big project to support each other and our collective goals! If you have submitted your photo and don’t see it yet, don’t worry! You will be added to the next update!

Steps to success:

  1. Sign the virtual petition HERE.
  2. Submit any photo of your choosing – either via text to Chesca at (720) 454 6066 OR via email to jceacomms@gmail.com

Spread the word! Outreach your fellow JCEA members and ask them to join you! Over 1,000 folks have signed so far – let’s keep it growing!