School health and safety IS community health and safety.

Notice: JCEA will be officially releasing our survey data on Monday to members, community and media. Please do not share specifics of this information until Monday July 20th 2020 after that official release has been posted. Please DO NOT distribute the JCEA Virtual Town Hall.

JCEA Secretary Election – voting is open!

It’s time! Yesterday afternoon you should have received an email which included your ballot for the election of the JCEA Secretary. Voting will be open through 5:00 pm on July 30th 2020.

If you did not receive a ballot, please contact Callie Orgeron directly at COrgeron@coloradoea.org

Please vote!


So many of you have been hustling hard to collect signatures to support getting 271 on the ballot this fall. Thank you for your work so far! Our deadline is quickly approaching.

We are hosting and supporting several events for signature collection this weekend. Tomorrow we are hosting day 2 of our JCEA Sign and Drive. If you haven’t signed yet or know people who need to sign – send them over to JCEA. If you have a petition to turn in, we will have notaries on site who can notarize and turn in your petition for you.

All petitions are due July 25th 2020

JCEA All Member Virtual Town Hall Yesterday

Holy wow!

Yesterday we had the largest JCEA member meeting since the recall! AMAZING!

Thank you for giving us space and grace as we navigated the technical difficulties of zoom. We are working on expanding our capacity for virtual events, and also want to let you know that the format of our meetings will likely change. Keep an eye on your emails for our next Virtual Town Hall date and time.

Official survey results and an official statement from JCEA will be released to both the public and our members on Monday July 20th 2020.


The recording of the meeting is now posted on the JCEA website on the member side. You must log in with your member information to access this recording. It is located in the Insight email archive section. If you need help setting up your log in for the JCEA member’s only website please contact Chanda Reyes – CReyes@coloradoea.org

Agenda recap:

  • JCEA secretary candidate information and voting timeline
  • An update on 271
  • JCEA’s campaign on creating a Safer Return to work plan
  • We Launched our JCEA google classroom (Join for action updates!)
    • 2 Actions are happening NOW
      • Submissions of Educator’s wills (more information in our google classroom)
      • Letters to our school board members:
        • Ask your questions
        • Express any concerns about the current “ReStart Jeffco” plan
        • Emphasize that school health and safety IS our community health and safety.
  • We Spent nearly an hour on Q & A and still had several hundred to address. Watch for JCEA FAQs.

Important links from the meeting:

Several of our action items and resources are now housed in our Google Classroom. Please make sure you join!

24/7 form for questions: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Safe_Return_Questions

Join the JCEA Safe Return team: https://bit.ly/JCEA_Restart_Team

JCEA Google Classroom code: jswgdaa

We have received hundreds of questions.


This tells us some important things:

  1.     The “Plan” as presented needs more work.
  2.     The MOU we will bargain may be extensive.
  3.     We need HUGE member engagement to move this work.

We have created an updated question submission form that is open 24/7. Please use this form to help us centralize your questions. These submissions are communicated with JCEA leadership, staff, MOU bargaining team and Safe Return team.


We know that things are moving quickly. We appreciate all the work you all are doing and hope that you will continue to dig in and stand with us while we do the very important work of influencing how we return to work in the fall.

If you have colleagues who haven’t yet joined JCEA and our incredible fight for the safety of our students, families and schools – now is the time to ask them to join us.

Use this easy link to join : https://bit.ly/Join_JCEA